Wolfgang or Uraeus?

Hello All ! I have leveled Gravemaker, Caedmon (75), Alice, Poseidon and Freya and wanna change poseidon with Wolfgang or Uraeus. What you think which one should I level first ? Ascension materials have only for one.

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I would level Wolfgang first, he is a beast.
Huge AOE damage to all + health boost and reducing damage.
Great for both defense flank and offense.
By many considered to be OP


Wolf is overpowered even for nowadays standards. You may want to max Ura too after him. Both are good but you know, more expensive, not power.

Uraeus is a solid hero, but Wolfgang is a monster. He does so many thing great that he’s a Swiss Army knife.


Agree with wolfgang, uraeus is more situational towards a minion heavy opponent. Wolfgang is just an all around badass…


Thank you all very much :slight_smile: