Wolfgang Health Boost

The problem I have with the Health Boost for Wolfgang is that if his mana recharges before the health is boosted, if I use him for the AoE it will restart that health boost timer.

Please change the health boost to either 1) boost some each turn over 4 turns or else (my preference) 2) boost health if the special is used or he is killed.

Right now I choose to use a strong troop on him instead of the mana troop due to this issue. This would be especially apparent in defenses where I don’t control his timing and makes him less valuable to rush attack raid or war events.

Thank you

It would be interesting if they would do as you say because this is how Gullimbursti damage worked for a few weeks/months Version 41 Release Notes & Status

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Wolfgang doesn’t restart the health counter though. If his special fires before he gives health, the counter does NOT restart.

If you notice, his health buff has two turns, his defense against damage has four turns.


Only thing that restarts is the damage reduction. The health boost counter stays the same. Then once health boosts u must use special once more to start another counter.


I could have sworn I tested it, but I ran through it again and you are correct. Thanks for the detail and response.


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I just face Wolfgang in raid. I trigger him for fire again to stop him from healing but his boosts health after 4 turns doesn’t reset. I think it is a bug because his boosts health after 4 turns should reset like Gullinbursti’s buff and many other effect like that.

Was there another wolf family hero?


Unfortunately for you and fortunately for Wolfgang owners he has always been this way.

I suspect this was a way to make it worwhile firing him in quick succession as an attacker. It is inconsistent with other similar heroes, Gulli and By-Ulf etc, but they have a few more conditions i.e. By-Ulfs negative effects are delayed and Gullii’s attack can be forced with a dispel (originally two Gullis could be looped which was quite fun, but broken).


No, there is only Wolfgang there.

Yes, that is why I think it is a bug.

Need the conformation from the staffs.

it seems fine

some buffs work like this like thunderclap

if it reset then it is an unnecessary nerf for Wolfgang

Gullinbursti was made an exception because the dev thought the damage was too much especially in rush so they removed the damage proc after recasting… i do think the buff shouldn’t reset for Gullinbursti and be like Wolfgang and thunderclap

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