🏰 Wolfgang – 5* Holy / Yelow from Clash of Knights

Tryed two ten pulls got Wolfgang, yesterday got Quenell out of ten pulls, gonna max both for sure.
Just one quick question about his special, after 4 rounds he boost hp of all allies by 600 - means all but Wolfgang, right?

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He is included in the HP boost

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Wow, thats quite handy info.
Thnx mate ^^

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If we’re talking about war, average tanks rarely survive to fire and then 4 more turns, even as a fighter. Maybe if he healead himself and applied damage reduction upfront and then damaged everyone in 4 turns it could work. Otherwise is very difficult to imagine a scenario where he survives that long. And a tank that (only) does 250% damage is not that great. Ursena does 260% if target has more than 50% health, extra damage against yellow and she’s not even feared anymore.

If you are using Wolfgang on defense, I think flank suits him better. He needs a tank that buys him time. Taunters, Bera/Freya, Garnet / Liz, Kunchen, maybe even Telluria.

I don’t understand why his healing is so slow to begin with. As I mentioned, he is meant to take a lot of hits, fire many times and stall for time. Not really a tank to use in wars anyway, but I believe he can be used as wing in wars as a survivor type hero.
It’s a shame he is relegated to flank because he is obviously designed to be a tank, even down to his look.
He’s also a wrong class as well. Should have been paladin instead of fighter

I got him. Maxed him and trying to decide how great or not he is. So far i like him in Yellow Stacks with the PROF as the boosted health between the two is awesome. I am thinking of going full defense path for him. That is what I have seen so far for those that maxed him.

Everything can be dispelled of the Wolf Knights unless the family bonus activates… is the aspect that is causing all worries around.

I was lucky to pull WolfganG & am amazed at his crazy turn 4 boosted heal… thought still levelling him so not much testing done…

My Hatter awaits to find out if he can steal their buffs… especially Ludwig’s … when undispellable FB activates… If yes, then Hatter is the most sought after next time he is in the portal…!!


An idea to protect him is to pair him with Brynhild (to give him buff immunity for 3 turns).
The timing is tricky but this might be a solid solution…


Please keep us posted on Hatter, you may be right. I know my Lord Loki likes to reuse the skills :slight_smile:

You know piggy has been “fixed” now, and no longer does that?

Actually, that part is still alive. If the pig is dispelled he fires the attack. The part they changed was his attack firing when his special fired off before the first duration finished.

appreciate if you could share the emblem path (w pic of course) for him, thanks.

i got wolfgang with 20 pulls & mad levelled him in 2 days. i tried my luck for other 5 star & i got him again with 20 pulls. duno to laugh or cry. another 20 pulls i got ludwig… :rofl:


Anyone know what happens on multiple casts of his special before the 4 turns?

Does it reset the duration with no health boost?

Duration till the boost will not be reset.


Oh right, ok, cheers

Anybody limit break him yet?

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Problem is only, if he is tank, he really invites Ursena. At flank position, alot lesser chance :slight_smile:

So you got easy solution.

Ludwig tank and two wolfgangs flanks :slight_smile:

but duplicate heros dun get family bonus. :crazy_face:

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