Wolf Pack{FMS} Looking for casual, semi-competitive members

We are part of the FMS family and looking for new members. Become part of the FMS family of alliances where you can grow and move into new alliances over time if you want to become more competitive. The Wolf Pack is more for the casual or semi-new player who wants to learn, have fun, enjoy the war wins, but may not have the desire to be super competitive or have 25 5* fully leveled heros yet. We are looking for around 1,200 to 1,400 cups and we hit between 7* up to 10* titans right now.

We have fun, chat regularly, help each other out, etc… We are also on Line (modestmouse85) for me. Feel free to message us or come ask for an invite. Many of us have played together for quite a while now.

Hope to see you!

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