Wolf family bug

First I thought it was a season 4 bug, then I thought it was a ferant bug. Pretty sure it’s a wolf family bug.

Undispellable buffs are not being refreshed


What does that have to do with ferants buffs?

Good guestion. But probably resistant has issue in biome. I dont know, only gave this as add

Thank you, I’ve been playing around with it more and I think it’s a ferant bug instead of a season 4 bug

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Just replicated in season 1, so definitely ferant not season 4

Probably someone can check this, U have very good proofs already @Guv

You have a chance for buffs to be undispellable so if you use special first time and get undispellable buffs, then fire special skill again it can be dispellable version and dispellable buffs can’t refresh undispellable ones.

I think that every single buff have a chance to be undispellable/dispellable and thats why you have different turns left with different dispell ability.


I think you’re right, seems like a bug to me. Using the wolf family together increases chance to have undispellable buffs, but if these buffs don’t refresh then it is more hampering than helpful. They could potentially cast all undispellable buffs first and then fail to refresh the buffs at all on a second cast.

The reason is simple.

Dispellable buffs cannot overwrite undispellable ones.

So what is happening:

  1. Ferrant Fires
  2. Wolf Family kicks in and makes some of the buffs undispellable
  3. Recharge
  4. Ferrant Fires again
  5. Wolf Family DOES NOT kick in…

Thus you have an undispellable buff trying to overwrite a dispellable one.

Hence not a bug.


So it’s working as intended that there’s a disadvantage to using the family together?

*Potential disadvantage.

There’s no disadvantage if you wait a turn or two more.

But yes; it is working consistently with the existing game mechanics.

The same will be true for the Raven Family which has a chance to make cast ailments undispellable… Also the same happens when you use Killhare or Lepus or whatever… They block out an opponents bigger defence debuff (e.g. kunchen)…

Just the way that the game mechanic has always worked.


Is this why they’re nerfing Ferrant?

I feel like the people/players that summon nerfed heroes from beforehand should keep that hero the way it is & the the player/people that summon after being nerfed should get that hero!!! It’d be fair!!! Thx in advance for hearing me out!!!

So, does it also go for the Wolf family? I ask because I noticed that sometimes Ferrant’s special goes off, yet, when the enemy/enemies attack it counters & sometimes it doesn’t & I’ve seen this happen several times. So, is it a bug/glitch, especially when the enemies/ enemy doesn’t cast anything in dispelled nor undispelled/cleansed or uncleansable?

See screenshot:


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