Wolf family bug. Cancel effects that cannot be canceled

I had a strange situation today in raids. I attacked the team with Ludwik and Wolfgang. They are from one family. The family gives a chance that the effect imposed by them will be irrevocable. Ludwik fires up and I get a wolf icon. I mean the family bonus worked. I think it’s gonna be hard. I attack Ludwik Marjana in costume. Marjana’s special removes all effects from Ludwik. According to his active family bonus, this shouldn’t happen. Marjana’s super talent description does not mention removing irrevocable effects. Cards that can do this have it underlined in their specialty. Is this an understatement in the description of Marjana’s super talent? Or is it a game bug and wolf family not working properly?

Ludwig applies 3 different effects.
As I recall family bonus can be activated one by one for each effect.
So maybe only 1 of them become undispellable, and the remaining two are not.

Are you there is no effect left on Ludwig or his allies ?


Ludwig specifies two effects on himself. Taunt, higher special defense. Here he had a third one, from the Paladin’s class. Higher defense shield. Here they were all canceled together, with one blow from Marjana. Despite the active family bonus.

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This would indicate to me that at least 1 of the mana generation buffs he applied to his allies on either side would have been made undispellable

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There was this too involved ©maj in war with a taunt …

If you can send a support ticket

Give as much information as possible … Time of the event it happened will be helpful …
You will get a generic response at first but someone will get back to you eventually …

Thanks :+1:

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I thought that we because of the new Equalizer War change SGG made though, and not a bug?
(Still can’t understand why they would go out of their way to make QoH worse, I feel bad for those who utilized especially for this mode)

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I will not write to help. I already had a problem once and wrote. So far no response. I had to fend for myself. Thank you too. I don’t mind that my Marjana cancels all the effects :slight_smile: I’ll try to keep an eye on it if I come across this family somewhere in the raids. I posted here out of curiosity to see if anyone has similar observations.

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Yeah i agree it could be do to the war equalizer on that topic …
This has a different taunt hero and ©maj involved, so there could be something going on

Ok, that make sense…definitely don’t want any(more) bugs to continue floating around in game.

I do want to add (not directed at @Dudeious.Maximus anymore), because I didn’t fully elaborate above…but when Ludwig has the Wolf Family Bonus activate, this means that any of the buffs he creates/adds could have been made undispellable - not just his. That is why I was thinking that there might not be an issue (not for certain, just something to check on)

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You can check, next time, which buff is undispellable. You just have to check the cards of each hero, and the buff will say undispellable next to it.


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