Wizard wars

who get the emblems?

I have Guinevere, Onatel, Alfrike and glenda all making move on the wizard emblems. All are in striking distance of their prey. Who is the most worth? I know it depend but on face value who is the queen?

In my opinion, Alfrike. She’s very slow, but there are enough very fast events where she has value. Plus, if she stays alive, she can be devastating.


Alfike niszczy wszystko na swojej drodze jedyne co może jej przeszkodzić to mono złoty i mnóstwo szczęścia w klockach aczkolwiek na Tanka tak sobie ale to moje zdanie . :wink:

I will go Onatel.

Good in most gameplay modes, even handy on Titans to stop them firing. A star in Ninja Tower, a great raider, and even a serviceable tank.

It depends if you need an all rounder or you need a specialist (or have the depth to need a specialist more correctly), but without better data on your list and needs, I will choose the Blind Seer