Wizard talents – Kiril or Merlin?

Hello everyone. I wanted to ask about wizard talents. I am on dilemma and i need help. I only have kiril and merlin in this class. In which one should i put talents?

Are either on your defense team? And, who do you utilize more?

None of them is on my defence team. But in raids i use more kiril.

Personally I would go with Kiril for the Jinx. What I’m not sure about is if the 5% chance for 15% extra damage is stackable.

It doesnt write it so i believe its not stackable . My concern is that kiril is a healer. Merlin will do more damage with this talent.

Sorry my mistake . It says per each. So if the opponent has 3 buffs he will take 45% more damage. Correct?

It’s also for tile damage, aka regular attacks. So, Merlin: 682. Kiril: 656. Slight sway toward Merlin. You could always test it out on each of them since you can get the emblems back (minus the food). Either would be good really. I’ve used my talents for Kiril, but not Merlin so I can’t compare the two. Maybe @zephyr1 or @Gryphonknight have some suggestions.

Which hero do you use more? Does Kiril get daily use for you? I gave my emblems to kiril.
And, also, it does stack because it would be a separate icon. That’s the main rule of thumb, if it has separate identifying icons, then the effects do stack.

The main benefits of moving a hero up the talent grid is the extra stat boosts. A 4*+20 is, in effect, a 5*(+0).

Both Merlin and Kiril will benefit from the stat increases; Merlin’s special attack will also have a chance for more damage; both see a bump in expected tile damage (more for Merlin).

Personally, I use Kiril daily, Merlin situationally. So in isolation, i’d pick Kiril. You should look across your team, though, and consider which heroes you are betalenting. Lots of blue? Lots of purple? Lots of support? It’d be wise to balance things out.


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