Wizard Skill "Jinx" and DoTs?

Edit: sorry, Nat, Morgan, and Locke are Sorcerers not wizards, but the question still stands for proteus and Victor

I’m wondering how Victor’s and Proteus’ special skills will interact with the Wizard’s Jinx skill.

Jinx: 5% chance to deal +15% extra damage per each active buff the enemies have. The extra damage applies to both normal attacks and special skills

Proteus gives a set damage over time with no initial hit. If he triggered, would his damage number get increased by 15%? And then does that get distributed over the 3 turns? Or is it a chance for increased damage on each tick? Or does this skill just not do anything for Proteus?

Same question for Victor. though he at least has an initial hit…


Natalya does a higher DoT when paired with troops, so I’d assume Jinx would increase that damage too.

That’s a good thought @Rapisu, though I mistakenly identified Nat, Locke, and Morgan as wizards when they look to be sorcerers.

I assume the same holds true for Proteus though. Victor also?

Did anyone tried leveling Proteus? Any confirmed info on how exactly Jinx works with him? I’m thinking on giving him the emblems but would like to be sure.

bump! Any info from beta testers?

I would like to know the answer as well: does DoT increase from Jinx?

Nothing for Proteus special skill, like Boldtusk or Kiril attack buff does not effect his special skill.

Victor/ Sartana get a boost on initial damage but not DOT.

All three get increased match/ board/ physical damage if Jinx procs.

Similar question for Natalya and talent grid ( tl;dr permanent attack stat boosts increase DOT ):


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