Wizard: Guin, Zeline or Hel?

For AW purposes only, Hel, Zel or Guin to start as a wizard? I use Guin and Zel in my AW defense. Thoughts?

I don’t have Guin, so I’m giving mine to Zeline.

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I think Zel with her fast special to all benefits from the talent the most. Question is, if you use Guin or Hel for tanks, wouldn’t you want to make them more tanky with the stats upgrade.

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Reviving an old topic since I can’t post my own thread yet but Can we lobby to make Hel a sorcerer like she should be?

I thought about it a lot since I am facing the Hel - Zeline dilemma (Zeline won) while sitting on a bunch of sorcerer emblems. But I think it’s actually fine because the sorcerer talent would be reduntant with her special, thus making it obsolete.

Not always. Sorcerer’s class talent activates with any attack, which means tile damage in offense and slash attack in defense - in contrary to Hel’s effect which is a part of special skill.

I don’t think it’s possible. And what do you think should happen to many Hels emblemed with wizard tokens after such change?

With costumes being able to change hero classes I think there is zero chance of any current hero having their class changed without a costume change/being added.

That aside if Hel were to get a costume to change her class the last class I’d want to change her to would be Sorcerer. What good is inflicting a 2 turn -50% mana generation effect when you’ve already inflicted a mana freeze for 3 turns.


Currently costumes are only for classic heroes. It is of course possible they introduce costumes for HOTMs, seasonal, event and s2 heroes in the future. But so far they announced only costumes for classic heroes.
Nevertheless I’d love to see Hel as sorcerer.

Tile damage, as has been said, so a delay in addition to the special. Could be the reason they didn’t initially.

And in terms of viable heroes I feel like there are several clerics and wizards and very few sorcerers. Hansel could be a sorcerer. Boril. Anzogh. Onatel.

Yup I have my sorcerer emblems on… Chochin. I have Morgan waiting for them but 3.70 awaiting damascus and 1 potion.

Apart from Sabina whom I skipped for Kunchen, I don’t really recall any sorcerers. Weird class indeed. But really I think it’s intentional than none of mana controllers is in this class.

Except any Sorcerer you emblem will also receive the benefits of applying the -mana generation with their tiles as well and some of them will also have a shot at applying the effect with their special as well. Adding a partially useful string to Hel’s bow is less useful than the potential to add mana control to a hero that can make more use with it to have an additional mana controller.

Worked Examples:

  1. If you want to stick with the same colour:

Hel rocking pretty much any other class + Ursena with Sorcerer Emblems. Ursena can still apply the -50% mana gen with her tiles AND have a shot at applying it to any of the enemies with her special and Hel can freeze a number of the others.

If Hel had the emblems instead you get no benefit from her special triggering the effect.

  1. Sorcerer emblems on another colour.

Hel rocking pretty much any other talent + Mitsuko. Hel can freeze some heroes, Mitsuko has a chance of triggering ability with her tiles and if Hel’s special has just worn off you can cut those heroes mana by 20% with a shot at triggering a further delay to charge back up. Though if at all possible avoid cutting the Ice hero’s mana as you want them to fire with Mitsuko’s special up.

tl;dr version - Two mana controllers beats adding a skill that will often been redundant to one.

They’ll be coming, just as they hinted at with this quote from the AMA with the developers here https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/sgg-ask-me-anything-transcript-13-march-2019/93155/6:

Is there an internal commitment that these upgrades won’t creep to HotM or event heroes and widen the power gap even more?

This feature is focused on Classics to start; not off the table that they won’t see something in the future for HotM or event heroes. Skins actually started only as a way to change the look, but now it’s a bigger feature. It might be fun to have sensible alternative looks for all heroes. But definitely not this year except for Classic heroes. The goal is not to make powerful heroes even more powerful.

An additional consideration before anticipating what classes HOTM and Event heroes may change to is that some of what we saw in the sneak peak had heroes have parts of their skills downgraded. So yes Guin could one day become a Sourcerer for example but it could be like Li Xiu where the cost is the mana cut is halved etc etc…

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