Wizard Emblems Level 19 choice

For emblem level 19 on wizards, does the 2% mana gain beat the 2% healing gain? Is 2% even enough to make an average speed fire one hit sooner?
If the wizard were a healer such as Guin does that change the equation?

That’s too broad a question to ask just in general as it depends on the hero and the player.

2% mana makes sense IF you have a mana troop level 17+ AND you use that hero a lot offensively as it drops the tile requirement from 10 to 9 which isn’t quite fast speed but generally matches close enough in the beginning of a raid/war fight which is where that distinction matters. My +19 Rigard gets a similar boost to come online at the same time as Panther and Seshat which is super nice.

So it depends. It’s hard to make an argument for +2% healing though.

Thanks, the detailed answer is helpful. Mana sounds like the way to go!

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