Wizard Class - Isarnia or Sartana?

I have Isarnia and Sartana maxed… no Guin, Hell nor Zeline… Isarnia is attacking all enemies, so she should get wizard emblems… Am I right? Should be a no brainer, ok? Thanks…

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I will definitely go with Isarnia over Sartana


& I’d go with Sartana lol…

Isarnia is really strong when she can fire her skill BUT she’s also, usually, the first heroes to die when attacked cause ppl know if she fires her skill it’s over or so.

Sartana has more armor, last during way more time, doesn’t have slow mana… Sartana for me !

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Since Sartana attack is weak I‘d give her attack bonus on talent tree while Isarnia has insane attack and would get all defense and health buffs from the tree. I think the tankiness would even out quite a bit in the end.

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Depends on your focus.

Titans = isarnia
Pvp = sartana

At the end of the day = personal preference is what it will boil down to

Who you get more use out of is who should progress.

If you never use isarnia, then classin her out probably wont change that and you’ll have a max classed hero ridin the bench

I max heros i use the most. If i dont use a hero or see myself using a hero, I’m not giving them 4* mats, let alone class emblems

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Just wondering, do you have Isarnia? Because I don’t use her on defense because of the reason you give, but she comes almost everywhere with me on attack. I don’t have Sartana, but if it was a choice between Isarnia and Marjana/Lianna/Joon (I do have those), I would choose Isarnia, so I am pretty confident in giving my advice: Isarnia!

Blue fluff wins over horns :face_with_monocle:

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And if you go all attack power path on Isarnia, she has 938 base attack!!! That’s crazy. Total glass cannon, well, glass howitzer…

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I agree with using Isarina for attack where I can feed her mana. She’s too delicate for defense.

I’ll be faced with the same Sartana vs Isarin dilemma but since my Isarina isn’t fully ascended I can probably give the emblems to Sartana.

I have Isarnia as tank forever because I just cant get a good tank. She always holds me on 2500+ what‘s totally fine. With crit troop lvl17 she is not so squishy anymore but I hope talenting her up will add some better tankiness :blush:

I would go issy. Pump up her defense because she will already be the tide changer or team killer in PvP if she can go off, so all you need to do is improve her chances of lasting to get her special off.

And she is far better against titans.

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I think it depends on the rest of your team. Are you using emblems on any other snipers or purple heroes? Then you probably don’t need to give them to Sartana.

Or if your team is heavy on blues or you have someone like Wilbur so you don’t need Isarnia’s defense reduction on titans as much, then I’d lean Sartana.

I don’t think it’s a no-brainer either way


Thank you all… my team is Joon, Lianna, Ares, Isarnia, Sartana… i will probably go with Isarnia and i will buff her defence…

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Speaking for myself: Isarnia for sure.

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People are forgetting that the new raiding system will provide much more emblems then titan kills!!!

Thats not too hard to achieve because titans reward you with 0 emblems :joy:

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I think I made a bad mistake: I emblemed Sartana, who is an excellent sniper, but Isarnia can really turn the game around.

Unemblemed Isarnia has converted more losses to wins for me than emblemed Sartana

I won’t reset just yet but Isarnia makes more sense as she attacks more enemies at once which compliments the wizard class

I would go on Isnaria always when she fires damage is devastating. I got here to 4/80+6 and gave here mana troops she is slow but effective very effective. Paired here with Kunchen who if fires first gives here opportunity to fire on already lowered damage. GM, Zimm or any other fire type are gone in second.

Depends on who you use more actually.

No right or wrong answer.

But that’s the thing, I use both equally and Isarnia comes out trumps

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