Without Healer Hero

in my account i DON’T have 3* 4* healer heros. i would like to ask game developers that how can i complete advanced quests or events?? Or how can i win against strong PLAYERs in raids…have you any idea about that ??

My suggestion is there must be an healer heros part that just healer heros in sale…

I went without a healer for about 4-6 months and nearly quit. Then I pulled Kiril and I rejoiced

We don’t get free handouts in this game unfortunately


I was the same about 6 months in I was still using friar tuck. Landed rigard and thought he was the best hero in the game!


I was in the same hot for a long time.

Work on your strategy. A strong offense is your best defense. I raid in the top level and usually go without healers.


Run TC20 and you’ll end up with a bunch over time.

While waiting, as mentioned above, they can’t hit you if they aren’t standing. So go full tilt attack to clear them first.

**I completed Rare in Fables without a single healer and used only classic heroes. It can be done!


My alt account runs without “real” healer, it has Friar Tuck at 1/1, but with the rest I’m really content…try some better snipers, some def down and it will work out.

My main account has all 3* and 4* healers except BT, I’m feeling a bit naked, but I get along :smiley:

This thread turning into “my first healer” lol

I get what you mean though, I also went through the same thing for 4 months, before I pulled Belith.

I purposely went for the green element summon after saving 300 gems too, if that helps.

I still use her for raid tournaments, and for challenge events when I just aim for completion and not for a high score.

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I understood what everybody meant. but my problem is i can not develop my heroes…because I have to complete the activities to get the necessary materials.

I wonder what the developers of the game think…

Because i pulled a lot of heros…and get not necessary ones…i wasted a lot of gems.

in my oppinion there must be an opsion that the PLAYERs can buy “attack” “DEFENCE” and “healer” heros category May be with color opsion…

And also chance May be the part of the game but it sould not be the main part…

I also like that… have some *4 Scarlett, Caedmon, Tiburtus, no healer… even Friar Tuck.
So I set my avatar to Belith and I promise my self not change the avatar after I get her…
Later on (a week or so),… I get Belith from TC13 and at that day also get another belith from summon.

in my oppinion with 3* healers you can not complete Challenge events. Minimum every body should have 4* healer.

i suggest that when start to play the game everybody should have 4* healer Not 3* Bane…or there must be an opsion to buy with gems

Just one question: why?

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Because u lose every important Challenges if u dont have healer

Just because of this

Some challenges aren’t directed at beginners but made for rather advanced players. It would be boring if everything were beatable after one week of playing.

However, most quests can be completed with a mix of 3*/4* heroes. Only the last stage of class quests requires a pretty strong team + the last few levels of monthly or seasonal events are close to impossible without the right 4* (or 5*) heroes.

To get most of the 3* heroes, you only need TC13 (+ you occasionally get a 4* out of it). Usually, it doesn’t take long to get either Hawkmoon or–even better-- Belith. Give them some emblems and you already have a pretty good healer.

Even if you don’t manage to get a 3* or better healer early, there are still some ways to win medium hard quests (Gunnar or Kailani are tremendous… Gunnar even brought my 3* + partially leveled 4* team through the last stage of legendary in Guardians of Teltoc…)


You must not have done any 10 pulls at all. How in the world did you go for almost 6 months without a healer?

I suggest to play on who ever you have in hand. Make them stronger to beat the challenges by level up your primary heroes and your troops. You cant buy a hero example a healer.

There are occasionally deals in the store that include specific 3* heroes. Not considered good deals, but I believe you could get a Belith that way.

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The odds were ever in my favour obviously :joy:

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