Without a Doubt- Top Heroes

There a bunch of people who ask questions to the E&P Equivalent of:
“Would you rather have a piece of Asphalt or a perfect-clarity diamond?”

What are some no-doubt, short-list, don’t-care-your-roster-makeup heroes to max out, if you are lucky enough to have them?

This is assuming a single copy, not a dupe, and in comparison to any other hero (of the same rank) in the game (excepting those on the short list).

In my opinion, it is a very very short list (not in order):


  1. Gravemaker
  2. Ariel
  3. Hel
  4. Athena
  5. Evelyn
  6. Vela
  7. Finley
  8. Jabberwocky
  9. Ursena
  10. Guardian Panther
  11. Magni-C
  12. Heimdall
  13. White Rabbit
  14. Seshat
  15. Frida/King Arthur


  1. Proteus
  2. Wilbur
  3. Kiril
  4. Boldtusk
  5. Jackal
  6. Rigard-C
  7. Hansel
  8. Almur
  9. Mist
  10. Grimm
  11. Buddy
  12. Guardian Falcon
  13. Melandor-C


  1. Kvasir
  2. Mnessus
  3. Melia
  4. Belith
  5. Namahage
  6. Balthazar-C
  7. Nordri
  8. Grevle
  9. Rudolph
  10. Pixie
  11. Gunnar-C
  12. Tyrum-C


(Note: with consensus, I plan to modify this list according to the community)


Alfrike… Wu kong those are game changers in my opinion… Rigard… best healer than kiril and boldtusk. Athena??

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I wouldn’t place Wu Kong above EVERY other 4* regardless of roster, even if he is the only 4* titan hero.

Rigard… I could be swayed. Maybe Rigard-C.

And with Alfrike being so slow, I would not place her above every other 5* regardless of roster.

This list misses alot of them

Athena is outdated in comparison to C. Magni, Heimdall and White Wabbit could be in top 10.

Almur as 4* star, Hansel& Gretel, mist and bryhild as 4*

Grevle as 3* star, Nordri as 3*


Firstly. Fabulous.
3* I love Kvasir most then Bjorn then Grevle.
4* Gullinbursti is my new top dog. Big love for Jackal.
5* shout out to Lupus


Sesh has to be top 10


Hate Wu’s miss so for me he is Titan only.


No to Gretel. There are a lot of other options @ 4*.
Hansel, for sure.
Brynhild is a maybe but we’ll see what the crowd says. Mist is really really good.

Athena is not quite obsolete, but Magni-C’s speed is wicked.

I run 2 Brynhild (Flanks) on my mono green war attack team. Have yet to not one-shot even teams 400 points stronger. Hope this doesn’t curse it.

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Black Knight should be way up there… Above Gravemaker, even.

I agree on Athena, contrary to a previous poster, wicked good hero.


I don’t consider Black Knight a no-doubter.
Is it just because my roster has me biased, that I’ve never ever had issues with him?
I dunno. He’s useful, but I don’t know if he is top 15 in the game.

perhaps the consensus will overtake me on it, I’d like to see some other opinions on him.

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On defence, he’s so-so…

On offense? There’s not a single hero that’s more transformative - and there isn’t a single hero I’d swap him for…

I’m fortunate enough to have both GM and BK, if I had to sacrifice one or the other it would be GM in a heartbeat.

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Great topic @PeachyKeen and I like you thought ahead enough to separate by *!


I agree with @Cerevan_the_Omni with Gretel. I have her, not Hansel, and love her even with average mana.

C-Melendor. Mine is +20 and an absolute beast for me.

I know it’s lame to lump a bunch together, but this is a unique situation. The ramming pulverizer trio are pretty essential until you get some more elite, hard to get 5’s that can drop D on multiples.


I don’t have him (Black Knight) but am never threatened by him and kill him quite easily before he can fire so I wouldn’t include him in a top 10.

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Buddy is a pretty outstanding 4* too. With emblems he can be in low diamond D teams still.

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I always find Gretel to be a tile shorter than I’d like her with her speed. maybe I’d like her better with a high mana troop…

But I agree on one of the 3 pulverizers. Grimm. He’s a must.
Melandor-C is also quite beastly. See? this is why I posted this!

(side note: I think I will restrict it to 15 of each.)

I think it’s a fundamental mistake to judge the value of a hero by its performance on defence.

Tying into topic…

The more versatile the better, up to a point… But a hero that’s mind-blowing in one area of the game and okay in others deserves its place.

If versatility is the be all and end all, then Telluria (for example) as a defensive specialist who’s so-so everywhere else belongs nowhere near a list like this.


Panther frida evelyn falcon would have to make my list


That’s a very good point. I’d be willing to drop Telluria off. let’s see the discussion on it

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What about Atomos? I don’t have him but hate facing him. That laser on all is fierce.