With you too

This afternoon I made some attacks Just to fill the chest with heroes , but I’ll talk it’s hard for another active slow center with seven pieces hitting it , I’ve been talking for months But nothing is solved Take action to fill my sales screen you guys are good, PUTA PQP you can at least get arumã this is tiring

What exactly is the issue/ bug?

Your message is extremely hard to interpret…

I THINK it’s something to do with “Boards are Terrible” but am not 100% sure…


slow hero, central bud is activating with less than eight stones
this is the bug

khunchen to activate would be how many stones to hit bele

I counted on the onslaught and the rematch

less than eight stones he activates

Ok so something to remember is that the defence team get passive Mana at the end of each of your turns too. This passive mana generation is affected by troops.

This is why wing defenders can charge & shoot despite never having a tile hit them.

My suggestion would be for you to take a video, upload to YouTube & link here if you still think there is a bug but I’m like 99.99% sure it’s not a bug.

follow the picture you spoke of the wing
I’m talking about Khunchen

is with defensive troop and is activating with less than eight stones

maa I’ll record videos yes

I will open a channel there is much easier x and show

No… I was talking about defence teams in GENERAL.

I was emphasising my point by saying that the WINGS can CHARGE WITHOUT any tiles hitting them…

This is because there is a PASSIVE MANA GENERATION for the defence team… the ENTIRE TEAM… The Tank, The Flanks & The Wings all get some % of mana per turn…

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