With Which Team players raided me?


Hi all,

When people raided me, I am not curious then about their defense team, but about their attacking team. I hope we will see in future with which team players attacked me.

what about you?



I think a replay would also be a excellent feature.


I’d love to see a replay of those guys who kicked my—I mean, those guys who TRIED to kick my butt… :wink:


Agreed. Very good request.

With all the trophy dumping for Hero Chests and also fake defense teams people put up as bait to later revenge or so with full force, I think this RAIDED BY TEAM STATS feature in some form would definitely throw lot of insight on what we are being hit with and also help tune our own defense teams.

At a minimal displaying the attacking team’s total power or so would be a good start :slight_smile:


Although the idea of instant replay is somewhat enticing, I think seeing other people’s magic tricks would take away from the game and make a lot of teams very similar due to strategy copying. It would be worthwhile to perhaps have a stat for defensive heros as to number of deaths each. Also, perhaps add animation if a raider slayed my team with all heroes alive… perhaps even give the. 100 gold coins token bonus :slight_smile:


For me some little secrets are better :wink: