With weak attack teams in alliance wars, will fleeing before a healer goes off score more points than continuing when there is more healing than damage?

At player level 12 and even later, some war attack teams may have little or nothing more than unleveled 2* heroes … and some defences can be proportionately very strong.

With a strong healer, one healing can undo a lot if not all of your hard won damage. Then, if some of the attacker’s heros have been killed off, an earlier high point of damage may not again be matched.

So is it better to flee when damage is at a high or is it better to contiue doing damage even when an even higher level of healing would take place?

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If you don’t have a chance of killing a hero, it is better to flee before the healer fires. Firstly, you will get more points this way. Secondly, you will make it easier for the next attacker to take out the team.

This is even more important when facing Alby/MN/Heimdall - you must always flee before they fire if you won’t be able to kill the newly revived heroes immediately.


It´s better to flee, moreover, It´s said that low level players kill wounded enemies. But under some circumstances (field aid) sometimes it´s better to do some damage to tanks


It’s more just using your best judgement on what’s going on. If the health aid is bout to heal everyone your half dead someone special is gonna go off. How does the board look into your favour before heal aid goes off.


Ain’t no shame in healing. Do it for the alliance when needed.

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ty @D_DI @Peazomanco @Dudeious.Maximus. The concept of, as I’d call it, “hit and run” is growing on me - seeming to sound a lot better than fleeing.

My current idea in waves of war is to start by identifying the six strongest heroes and working out colour combinations for two teams for later use. Then fire off a weak team, then a medium team followed by a strong team to suit. The second wave will give a second opportunity to again run teams from weak to strong. With any such teams, from weak to strong, what extent of colour specialisation would you recommend in combat with an elemental or light/dark tank? Would, say, it be best to start with all of one colour?

Comments, points and further suggestions appreciated.

If we not sure to get more point,i’m choose to run away,before healer effect come.before we lose the points


Each war is going to be different, well for me it is. this war they had same colour tanks the one before they didn’t so my approach is different.
So i cant really say what to do haha I have 5 teams that I normally use but may have to switch it up. My 6th I take 3 certain hero’s the other two depending on what im doing it’s normally a clean up team or a one shot on a lower team depending what the war field looks like. Guess im play it by ear player really.

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