With the new update we cannot use the specials all together?

Did anyone notice this change? Because this would waste even more time fighting titans.


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I haven’t noticed any change with speed using several specials in quick succession… So far anyway. I wonder it they meant graphical bugs such as the revive ghost? I used to get that when using specials quickly one after the other

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I didn’t pay attention either to be honest. If is slower the using for specials in very quick succession would be detrimental not only for titans though; would take several seconds more in event challenges.


To my understanding they fixed issues with it not slowed it down.

The issue was, that sometimes the specials happened in the wrong order, if their animations have different lengths.


I always thought the effects of the specials were immediate and only the animations were drawn out. If I have two specials set and one enemy to kill I can’t use the second if the first was enough to kill it, even if the animation is not finished.


I’ve noticed the exact issue that you mentioned here. Good to know that they did something about it. Thanks for the info.

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Ahh @Olmor do you mean like when the enemy had already gone poof and Panther scratches at thin air? I used to like that :laughing:


But @Olmor, if this is true indeed, the logic dictates the succession will take longer. As @HappyHippo mentioned just above… If the specials are shown in the right order and not all together, that will “eat” at least 1 second per succession :slight_smile:

No cause the effects will just trigger earlier/ affect the successive specials.

I.e. if you fire off Frida then Arthur then Alice in quick succession, the debuff from Frida will trigger and affect arthurs damage, who in turn will affect Alices damage.

But the animations will just take a while to work thru (not sure who’s will finish first)

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And this is what I’m saying. It’s only logical the animations will take longer. And everyone knows that because some animations you cannot see the board, therefore the progress speed in battle will be slower.

What? No I’m saying that the EFFECTS will all trigger without the animation playing thru the whole way if a successive special is triggered.

No animations? I didn’t notice this…

Ni. Hang on, I’ll start again.

If you trigger a single special, the animation plays thru and the effects are only visible at the end of the animation (damage dealt, buffs, debuffs et…)
If while the animation is still playing thru, you swiped the board (cause you remembered where the next match was or whatever), that match and cascades would do damage with the effects from special A as “active” even if the animation hadn’t finished playing thru.

What olamar & I are saying is that the bug that got fixed was to extend this to specials.

So if special A gets triggered and is a defence debuff. Then special B gets triggered before special A finishes its animation, the damage/ effect of special B is applied with special A already active (even tho the animation hadn’t played out completely). The animations for special A and special B still play thru as normal but the EFFECTS for the specials damage and buff/debuffs apply in the order that you trigger the specials.

Like I said, there are animations when you cannot see the board and only a fool would try to move tiles blindly. So, if the animations will trigger in the right order, it’s logical the time for rolling is longer. And if in all this time you cannot see the board, the player should wait until the succession is over. Succession which takes longer now, with this update…

Where are you getting that it takes longer from?

I’m saying the specials trigger at the same rate. Animations take the same time, they still overlap each other. Just the effects kick in before the animation is done…

All takes the same time as before, just now the effects apply on the same order that the specials are triggered.

In honesty tho this is supposition as to what the actual bug that got fixed was as the description listed in the release notes is incredibly vague.

What I can state categorically is the answer to your original question. With the new update you CAN use the specials for your entire team all at once. Same as before.

I can tell you with 100% confidence that it doesn’t take any longer to apply Al your specials than before.

Then the notes are misleading :slight_smile:

Not really.

All the notes say is that there was some kind of issue when special skills were used quickly which has now been fixed.

Doesn’t say what the issue was or anything. Doesn’t say (as you interpreted I think) that the issue was that specials COULD be triggered quickly. Just says that some issue was occuring when they DID get triggered quickly which has now been fixed.

So not misleading, just vague

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I thought it did that already.

This is a fix to the issue that was detected in the version 25 beta, where the attack reduction was not activated when Zeline’s and Kingston’s specials were fired quickly after each other. We left the release notes quite vague as this fix should also affect other potential cases.