With soo many heroes - new events and HOTM, who are the top 5 in each color?

With soo many heroes - new events and HOTM, who are the top 5 in each color?

That is one complicated thing to determine. A ton of factors need to be considered such as tanking flanking and wing roles, skill damage, support utility, etc. However, there is an existing thread on the best classes to emblem (not updated though):


Obligatory who you have and how you play preempt.

…and since yellow and purple are the source of my power and fascination.


Salmon Loki


There is (obviously) no objective answer to this, and ultimately varies on so many levels, but I’ll go ahead and take a shot in the dark based on my own 2¢ ~ (no one else’s)

Firstly to add: It’s incredibly difficult to quantify, and narrow down these heroes, into a single “top 5” - as well as putting em in chronological order based on superiority; some of these I could go back and forth on for hours. However, since I’m incredibly bored atm, I’m gonna give it a try anyway :sweat_smile:

(Btw - costume means either costume or costume bonus (ie includes the boosted stats). Why normal S1 are always rated lower, despite some having better SS than their costumed counter-parts.)

5* Red

  1. Garnet
  2. Black Knight
  3. Elizabeth
  4. C. Marjana
  5. Gravemaker

6. Gefjon 7. Zimkitha 8. Emilio 9. Mitsuko 10. Vanda 11. Tyr 12. Puss in Boots 13. Lady Loki 14. Asterius 15. Santa Claus 16. Guardian Kong 17. C. Azlar 18. Grazul

Didn't make the cut

19. Captain Kestrel 20. Marjana 21. Jean-François 22. Queen of Hearts 23. Ares 24. Natalya 25. Yang Mai 26. Baldur 27. Isrod 28. C. Khagan 29. Anzogh 30. C. Elena 31. Red Hood 32. Khagan 33. Azlar 34. Elena 35. Reuben 36. Noor

5* Blue

  1. Cobalt
  2. Krampus
  3. Finley
  4. C. Magni
  5. Master Lepus

6. Ariel 7. Miki 8. Athena 9. Skadi 10. Alasie 11. Bobo 12. Alice 13. Frida 14. King Arthur 15. Lord Loki 16. Russula 17. Theobald 18. Crystalis

Didn't make the cut

19. C. Isarnia 20. C. Thorne 21. Vela 22. Misandra 23. Glenda 24. Rumpelstiltskin 25. Magni 26. Fenrir 27. Frosth 28. Raffaele 29. Snow White 30. C. Richard 31. Isarnia 32. Aegir 33. Thorne 34. Richard 35. Perseus

5* Green

  1. Frigg
  2. C. Kadilen
  3. Toxicandra
  4. Heimdall
  5. Zeline

6. Evelyn 7. Phileas Fogg 8. Francine 9. Kingston 10. C. Lianna 11. Mother North 12. Alberich 13. Tarlak 14. Lady of the Lake 15. Eiora & Fluffy 16. Garjammal 17. Atomos 18. Ratatoskr

Didn't make the cut

19. Lianna 20. Telluria 21. Gregorion 22. Lady Locke 23. The Hatter 24. Zocc 25. Kadilen 26. Bertila 27. Morgan le Fay 28. C. Elkanen 29. Margaret 30. Elkanen 31. Guardian Chameleon 32. C. Horghall 33. Yunan 34. Elradir 35. Horghall 36. Jade

5* Yellow

  1. Guardian Gazelle
  2. Drake Fong
  3. C. Joon
  4. Odin
  5. White Rabbit

6. Director Zuri 7. C. Vivica 8. Prof. Lindenbrock 9. C. Leonidas 10. Faline 11. Poseidon 12. Onatel 13. Sif 14. Malosi 15. Delilah 16. Mica 17. Guinevere 18. Thor

Didn't make the cut

19. Joon 20. Musashi 21. Uraeus 22. Akkorog 23. Roc 24. Neith 25. Bai Yeong 26. Rana 27. C. Justice 28. Sir Roostley 29. Inari 30. Vivica 31. Ranvir 32. Norns 33. Guardian Owl 34. Leonidas 35. Justice

5* Purple

  1. Guardian Panther
  2. Hel
  3. Seshat
  4. Onyx
  5. Jabberwock

6. Alfrike 7. Bera 8. Killhare 9. Dr. Moreau 10. C. Sartana 11. Lepiota 12. Freya 13. Kunchen 14. Ursena 15. Kageburado 16. Clarissa 17. Dark Lord 18. C. Domitia

Didn't make the cut

19. Karnov 20. C. Obakan 21. Sartana 22. Boss Wolf 23. Grimble 24. Marie-Therese 25. Victor 26. Khiona 27. Malicna 28. Aeron 29. Mok-Arr 30. Domitia 31. C. Quintus 32. Myztero 33. Zulag 34. Obakan 35. Thoth-Amun 36. Quintus 37. Sargasso

Couldn’t help but list everyone :sweat_smile: Every hero has its uses, so hard leaving anyone out for good. Although, I did add a “#6-18” category, as there are plenty of great heroes outside of “Top 5” that deserve some recognition. Even a few in the “didn’t make the cut” are still very worthy of 4* mats.

…so yeah, definitely subjective - meaning I could be way off-base from reality over that alone; ah well… I had fun :relaxed:


Nice rundown @RandaPandah

I’m much more simple LOL. The five best heroes per color are the five best ones I have per color. The rest are just no good. Nope, just horrible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll be releasing this very information across 5 videos in the next few weeks. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.


The obvious caveats aside (it depends on the situation and game mode and the heroes you have around them, etc.), I’d say the most valuable are…

Black Knight

Fineas Fogg
Mother North



Drake Fong


I’m quite sure you mean Garnet.

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Yes. Thanks!


That’s hurt :rofl:


A lot depends on what your playstyle is, what heroes you have, what heroes you have to counter opponent heroes …

I have an overabundance of snipers and healers on my bench, which influences my playstyle. Yet my best heroes include Isarnia and Elena.

And … does it really matter who the best top five heroes overall are if you don’t have them?


Jade is top of the pops in all colors. She’s just that powerful :roll_eyes:


This list highlights how much better purple is than yellow. Drake is number 2 for yellow. Dr Moreau (who is a BETTER Drake in all aspects) sits at number 9 for the purples.


Which might be why yellow got two 5* heroes this circus event and there wasn’t a single purple? On aggregate, purple may be better, but Gazelle and Malosi make yellow top heavy on offense, all other things considered.

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I wish balance in color strength were the case… But I always thought it was because, Starfall is a Yellow event, while League of Villains was a Purple event. Villains got two Purple 5*s, but not a single Yellow.

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This kinda goes hand in hand, so long as that’s the intention on the creative process, no?

And to make matters worse the purple salmon is swimming upstream.

Still waiting on a blue Guardian as well… :thinking:

every month they release a new batch of stronger heroes so trying to figure out who are the strongest is just time wasting.

This…the best heroes are the ones you have to gamble for next month.

Big if, I would say :stuck_out_tongue: balance in numbers is one thing, balance in strength is another

though there’s hope, considering we finally got a 3* Yellow healer in Candy…


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