With Santa rated A - Defense

With Santa rated A for defense by 7dd, which is more versatile and has more potential to be included into a defense team?

  1. Ares
  2. Zim
  3. Santa

Need advice on the final ascension.

Santa for being tanky even others would tell you his special can be dispelled and stuff.

His special is still good.

As good as Santa is, Ares is still probably a better tank—and beyond that, more useful just about everywhere else as well.

I’d ascend Ares first, no question.


I agree. Santa can be reversed with a cast from Kiril, but you’re then forcing your opponent into bringing a 4*. Ares is also completely unwound by any dispelled, including several,5*. Santa does some damage, Ares does not.

Zimkitha is a jack-of-all-trades but master of none. She’s fun on offense, but if you’re looking for a tank, Santa is your better bet.


I’m really glad someone asked this specific question! I’ve been missing a decent tank for wars. Even though my war team is just a hair under 4k, my snipers just can’t withstand the battering :unamused:

I was hoping for Ares when he came around. Alas,it was not to be… I did snag Santa on a single 300 gem pull. I’m a big proponent of using what you have, so he’s well on his way to tankdom. But I wasn’t sure where he stood against other red ranks like Ares.

Thanks for that rundown @Kerridoc! That helps me put my expectations into perspective. Last I checked, the 7DD guide hadn’t been updated with the Christmas heroes, so the A defense rating is also good to hear :laughing:


I rate Santa A+ in defence. He is like Isarnia when goes off, but much harder to die.
I don’t have much trouble with Ares on the other hand.


Is Santa only good on defence as a tank or would he also work flanking to the left an onatel tank?
Im tryingg to see who would be betrer as a tank But why not have both?
I was going to have Zimkitha to to the left of onatel but would Santa be better?

You want to make use of Zims Cleanse and Attack buff so get her as far left as possible

Go Ares, he makes a a good tank and i only know sonya for blue fast dispeller, a lot of dispellers are green or purple. Ares is also your best choice for an all around hero : offensive, titan, events.

Santa is more of a defensive hero because of his tank stats and slow mana.

Santa is a way better tank. Onatel is not a good tank. Onatel, ironically, is a great flank. Put her on the side of Santa.


I agree with @LucasDaoc—as a slow mana hero, Santa will be best fr0nt and center—and he has the heft and minions to survive there.

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I what point @Kerridoc, I wonder, do we start seeing the new talent class analytics included in all these decisions… i.e. I have MN, Tarlak, Lianna, Evelen, Zeline all parked at 3 70 waiting for ascension mats, and now I hear Morgan might be best in Sorcerer class… so with Santa being a Monk and Ares a Paladin do we factor that in. Myself, I am kind of waiting for not just the analytics to come in, but also game play with the top players that will be playing with these talents long before i do.

My answer: right now. Classes should be considered from now on. Not determinative: it’s hard to see when one would level Quintus over Sartana#1, for example. But if you’re looking at a close call, class could be the tie-breaker—even if that hero may never get emblems. Building a roster that can handle all the Trials has value.


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