With s4 —Adjust leveling cost on S1 heroes by ~25%

They’re much easier to get through various avenues and measurably weaker than what comes later —

While costumes can help — they are more of a temp power bump than solve

If you start late — you are at a disadvantage because they’re is no trade off with regards to power.

They simply can’t be balanced without creating a stale experience — 4/80 is already the new 3/70 or 4/70

  1. lower mat costs — 4 epic instead of 6, 3 rare instead of 4, 1 tome or mat instead of both

  2. lower resource cost — bump feeder xp by 25%

This would put season 1 4/80 heroes cost inline with their power (above 4* but below for balance purposes are true 5* and 6* heroes)

It would give folks a trade off value to go ahead and level what they have — and are most likely to get — so they can get to the 30+ heroes for modern war and events despite having started — at this point — up to 3 seasons behind the longest term players

It seems a more palatable compromise to refunding mats through reset tokens, retiring heroes, creating 6* heroes or increasing team cost for strong heroes

it is scalable … something that’s clearly becoming an issue as more heroes are created.


I have posted several times about this same topic lol. Eg Analysis of Power Creep of Hero Stats - Long Read Warning - #48 by fight_happy

The five star season 1 heroes need adjustment… this whole game is out of balance.

Stop nerfing new heroes and flooding us with new ones that whales can afford to chase… and look at what inbalance to the whole game w season 1 heros that can be adjusted.


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