With Raid Tournaments being 5 days now, will we get an extra strike?

In the first Raid Tournaments we were out with 4 strikes over 4 days. With it now being 5 days, will we get an added strike (or two)?

But how would that incentivise you to spend continue gems? I think that is exactly the plan of the extended duration, so that if you want to make the end you need to.

I think no matter how good your team, and how good you are at playing, we will all get at least 20% bad boards, so that is four losses in first four days

I’m not usually too cynical about the game, and you can see that if you review most of my posts, but I think this change is a pretty shameless gem grab. I would be very pleasantly surprised if they gave an extra strike


Everybody on the leaderboard had a maximum of 1 loss over 4 days.

But I agree that they hope for more continue spendings.

Remember at first they planned to take 75 gems for participation at all. I appreciate that there is at least a free entry.


With increase number of days, 5 strikes you are out, would be fair, than the current 4 strikes! Well not sure it will have adverse effect on using gem continue. This is based on the assumption of one loss per day.

Until the increase the loot back to the original loot of the first tournament there’s no incentive to waste gems. If I lose fine I’ll take whatever loot you give me. The loot isn’t worth the 75 gems at the current loot.

Everyone on the leaderboard of my roshambo tournament had zero losses!

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That’s correct, but hopefully we’ll see the nice loot again and then players will be spending gems on tournaments to increase chance for 4* mats.

Agree that we should get an extra strike, but these tournaments are frustrating either way, I went 20-0 last tourney and still didn’t get top 1% since my defense lost it’s only 2 battles on the first day and only had one more defense on the last day, so E for everyday on defense … ugh.

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Well, shouldn’t the weighted points be focused on attacks and not on defenses? Since there are cases where some defenses were not attacked, and some a few attacks compared to others, don’t know if everyone get the same number of attacks on their defenses?

There are certain times when my defense doesn’t get hit at all and others where it gets hit 10+ times… super inconsistent.

In that case, adding scores from defenses would mar the overall result and grading, but since the defenses are only graded in A…B…C…it may be an indication that they are not included in the overall score.

I have only lost 4 times in one of the raid tournaments. I think it will be very possible to make it to the 5th day without spending. But I have often finished with 3 losses, so my guess is it will be hard to fully finish a 5 day tournament without spending.

And yeah, I would be shocked if this wasn’t intended, in part, to increase the number of continuation buys. The original loot was at a threshold to make it worth while to rebuy if you were going to finish in the top few tiers. The current loot…not so much.

So if SG wants to talk me into considering a 75 gem continuation, restoring the loot is the way to do it.