With or without you - costume, Lepus

Asking myself if CLepus or normal Lepus is better in todays business in defense. I know it’s not the best choice at all but I don’t have many options. So I ask myself if the Hit3 Version with at least one hard hit is better or the hit5. He was long time with costume on the wing but i got a feeling, its over. Maybe on flank without costume or still on the wing would be better, what do you think?

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In defense it is costume Lepus for me if there is no better option. With the todays buff his attack is decent even on LB1.

I have used him on right wing. Probably too squishy for flank.

IMO, for defense it’s the costume. hits all, and only gets mana slow as the drawback.

normal Lepus hits 3, with main damage to 1 - if on defense, the AI will likely mis-aim him… and losing some defense makes him easier to kill off.

for offense though, I prefer the normal Lepus.

Okay, this is going one direction. Easier for me now to stay at 90 with the costume and emblems. At next I start a poll for defense team. Thanks for this one