"with new content" what is it about?

Wow, my idea can resolve the issue what SG can not solve in years… Nice :smiley:

Sarcasm off:

If this idea ever reaches Beta I will quit the game for sure effective immeditately.


They need to do that for Aprils Fool beta!

They should do it in November so a LOT of people have time to ask for new phones, new wallpaper/paint, and a dustpan and brush for Christmas.

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What I think? Pay to play NT, with 75 levels.

It’s a button that has a numerical value and if you click it, your personal bank account gets smaller and you get a bunch of dawas.

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Hmm… that makes me think of a new ultra hardcore arena (simple 8-person knockout tourney style) where the cost of entry is the pink slip of one of your (non S1) 5* heroes. Winner gets to convert one of those pink slips into that hero , losers lose those 5*s permanently (but with some random ham/emblems/items as compensation depending on placement in the tourney).

Duplicate heroes issue solved…

Edit: Just realised this is no longer an original idea

If the new content is an added 25 levels, which seems fairly likely, I expect I shall just play the standard 50 and pretend the rest doesn’t exist. No way I’m getting anywhere near the top scores so may as well just amble along as usual.

Side note on the duplicate thing:


Another game (ahem) has just announced a new three-part scheme to use dupes. One of them I don’t see working for E&P the way the game is structured, the second is too much like aethers which already exist, but the one that would work and I’d expect them to do something like is to trade in dupes for currency which can then be exchanged for (a limited range of) others you may not have, including limited editions (old HOTM equivalent). I’m not recommending everyone dashes off to play that game instead, mind you, as it has its own issues and in some ways is a worse money-grubber than SG, if you can imagine such a thing. This is why I am quite cynical when ex-players drop by to tell us they have found this fabulous new game that does everything E&P should be doing with loads of freebies and no annoying ads. Ain’t no such thing.


Well, look who’s a prophet. Not that it’s hard to predict the crap moves by Zynga/SGG these days.


At least Ninja costumes not arrived (yet).
BTW thanks for the quote here so that I do not have link it here myself.


Let’s not get too down on ninja costumes before they are even announced. They can at least improve on the extremely boring original appearance.

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I like your optimism. :+1:

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