"with new content" what is it about?

“with new content” … :thinking: What is it about? What’s the new November context in the Ninja Tower?

its a mystery

post filler

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I think apart from the staff, nobody knows it yet. I’m pretty sure nothing new from Ninja Tower was part of beta yet, otherwise @PlayForFun would inform us. Probably SGG will add new features when they open a new beta.


I smell another 75 floors of boredom, just like Magic Tower. And just like Magic Tower, it will not be able to be finished without flasks. They floated the idea with Magic Tower, they didn’t see enough backlash to worry them, so now they’ll roll it out with Ninja Tower as well.


As they want to have this new content in the next event in November I think we will have a new Beta tomorrow, where this change arrive + maybe later the Chrismas hero costumes too as there is only 3 week remaining until SG need to release version 43.

Maybe they will add new heroes. (I am hoping for 3-4 star heroes too)
I am really hope they are NOT trying to add Ninja costumes…


I’m hoping it is adding extra curses or a different set of classes like in ToM. Off top of head I’d say Rogue, fighter and Ranger sound suitable but will be interesting to see.

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I have the same thoughts too.

75 floors. 50 energy. Last 25 floors not free.

And maybe more 4* ninjas. Yellow n green.

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I admire your optimism that 4* heroes are what they will add. My guess would have been a costume for Jade, but SG has shown the crappy heroes no love so far, so it might be garnet who gets one.


I would bet anything they will rework the ninja to match the very successful (in play not so much in controversy) format of the magic tower.

As for new heros, if anything they should add some 3* Ninjas as that’s missing currently and the only reason I’d pull there rather than holding my coins for the inevitable third version of the tower to come.


I’m guessing they make it match more closely to the magic tower with updated blessings and more floors.

My first thought was they will do just like that. For example Costume Cobalt:

Special Skill: You win.
Charge x 1: Kills everyone.
Charge x 2: Kills everyone harder.
Charge x 3: Kills everyone, erases them from existence and removes everybody’s memory of them.

I hope that they will add 3* and some new 4* though. I hope they will not go with that Magic Tower nonsense.


I would bet my house on it going to 75 levels and bringing in the new rare blessings and hopefully the fighters classes get 5 curse protection.

Bar the extra levels which I know will cause a rumble of discontent I don’t mind the towers now. The new rare blessings were fun.


Charge x3: kills and curses all of heroes once. If one of your hero receives 5 curses, then it is removed from your rooster so that you need to pull and level it again…


Sarcasm/sincerity…well played

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Y’all gotta quit saying this crap out loud. Zynga/SGG is listening!


2 months from now this will be implemented as the solution for duplicate heroes lol


@Petri stated this in the CoK announcement thread. Do we know yet what the additions to the ninja tower are? If not would you like to postulate a guess? More levels? New heroes? Better rewards? More chests? An alliance reward component?

@Dudeious.Maximus merge?

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Thank you, please merge or delete this thread I did not find that thread. My apologies

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My hope would be that they revamp the curse system so that its similar to the Magic Tower. My expectation is that they will add another 25 levels behind a paywall


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