With clan titles and levels displayed, shouldn't name change price be reverted?


It’s not easy/possible to impersonate people anymore. Changing names is something some people enjoy be it to use them as punishments in silly bets, goofing around with friends, choosing something symbolic (in earnest or as a self-depreciating joke) or simply getting bored of theirs.

100 gems was a fair price for it. 500 makes fun uses out of question for most of us. Should some fools abusing it in general chat be the reason to lock everyone else from enjoying the feature? :slight_smile: Especially since the fools have been pretty much countered?


Calling it what it is, I don’t think the gem change to 500 was meant to prevent imposters. That said, I don’t think the price change should be reduced… pick a name and stick with it; yeah, I know some people changed their names (or other’s names) for funsies but I’d prefer to prevent the blatant stupidity that I saw with some name changes, even with alliance names now being shown in global chat.


I don’t like the idea of some blatantly stupid trolls being the reason the rest of us can’t have nice things though :stuck_out_tongue: People who hang around the global chat are a small % of players, too.