♤Witchers and Witches♤ peaceful home for veterans and fast growing players [29/30] 12* titans

Come to your Witcher! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

After AW come give us a look. We started this alliance less than a month ago with only 4 members. Today we have grown and are taking down 10* titans.

If you believe in using all war flags and hitting the titan at least 5 times, we could be exactly what you have been looking and waiting for!

Line chat available with helpful information and other exciting news! You’re not obligated to chat regularly as long as you check for alliance updates.

Interested yet? You can reach out to our leader on Line at venomousmind

Hope to see you soon!

:speaking_head:special announcement!. Now accepting warriors!

Maybe you would like to move in with larger group? :wink: come and check how fun E&P can be!

Bump-up! Join us before the war! :slight_smile:

What does it take to be a Witcher?

An interest in playing in an alliance, that is drama and stress free. Willing to use all AW flags if opted in and to hit the titan at least 5 times.

What else?

Line app to state updated on possible changes in the alliance, ie change of AW tank, etc.

Do I have to be chatty?

Not at all! We only ask that you communicate with us if you’re not able to play.

My team is on the lower side, can I still join?

Reach out to our leader Venomous through Line. Line ID: venomousmind

Come and win AW wars together!

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Don’t miss out, the time to make that move is now!
Join Witchers and witches now.

Bump up! Join us today!


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Time to join our alliance! What are you waiting for? :wink: we are super friendly group which aims to chase 12-14* titans, we use all AW flags, giving reasonable space for real life. Veterans and fast growing players are welcomed!

Join now!

Don’t be late for AW! We finish another war chest today. We are in 16 and growing! JOIN TODAY! Small alliances looking for merge welcomed;)

War chest reset! 80% winning rate! 10* titans aiming for 12-14* Come and join us!

Add another 6k victory.

Get ready to make that move. ♤Witchers and Witches♤ Is waiting for you!

We have affectively helped each other tweak our defenses and team symmetry for a strong United front. Although no team is undefeatable we do our best to make it feel like we are. With an 80% win rate for our size, A handful more likeminded individuals like yourself may be just what’s needed to get us all on the path to Loot, notoriety, & magnificent journey there.

Join us and Fight shield to shield, sword to sword on the battlefield.
Well be sure to pummel some titans along the way.

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Join us today! We are super friendly group of players, happy to kill monsters and enjoy supportive atmosphere in the alliance!

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