♤Witchers and Witches♤ peaceful home for veterans and fast growing players [27/30] 12* titans

♤Witchers and Witches♤

-tired of unused flags?
-too much drama?
-wanna enjoy E&P with great buddies?

Toss a coin to your Witcher…


  • clear rules posted on LINE app
  • 5 titan hits
  • 6 AW flags or opt-out
  • drama free zone
  • 18+ chatroom
  • lineIDs: venomousmind or abster1203


♤Witchers and Witches♤


Come be apart of one of the best new alliance of the game.
Slay titans with us. Let’s grow together, while having fun in a stress and drama free alliance.
Any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and we’ll get back with you ASAP.

Newly launched and growing fast. Come join a group of veteran players with a common goal.
Hit us up on line: venomousmind / abster1203

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Don’t let our size fool you!

We are small yet mighty. Most of us have played together for years. After playing in different alliances, we decided to start our own.

Are you ready for a change?
Join us at Witchers and Witches. Together we can become a stronger united alliance.

Questions? Leave them in the comments and we’ll get back with you ASAP.

Line ID: venomousmind or abster1203

Venomous is our leader and Abster is one of our co-leaders along with myself Stormy.

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Why should you join?

No drama
Fun chat room
Experienced players willing to help others
Slay titans
Strive for 100% AW flag usage unless opted out
International members

Get in on the ground floor of this new exciting alliance

Are you ready to be a Witcher??
Check us out today!

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Weird, deformed face appered in the shadows of abandoned dungeon…
A soft sound of moans came from the void…
Walls covered with blood started to shine, reflecting the torch fire…
Silver sword…

Whats the next? What kind of beast we face?

Come and join our greatly alliance today!!

Maybe it was Stryha?

Check it out… https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strzyga


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Come join this Titan slaying, war bashing brigade of experienced players.

Hi there,
By any chance, you might consider merge? I think we fit into your description.

Hello Breeze, we are close to merge with one alliance so why not with two :wink: please contact me on line app: venomousmind, so I can tell you more about our rules and plans for upcoming weeks. We will probably end having two family alliances. Main alliance, more competitive called ♤Witchers and Witches♤ and second training-caring alliance.

Interested in new adventures?
Tired of having unused war flags?
Poor titan participation?
Come throw a coin our way at Witchers and Witches.


Come grow with us!

We are a group of fun alliance members that decided to take a leap Of faith and start an alliance.

If you’re like us and want to enjoy the game without drama, yet believe if opted into aw all flags should be used, give us a try :smiley:

The mystery awaits at Witchers and Witches!

What are you waiting for?
The chance to join a newly formed alliance with veteran players doesn’t come up every day. Here’s your chance to become a Witcher.

  • clear rules posted on LINE app
  • 5 titan hits
  • 6 AW flags or opt-out
  • drama free zone
  • 18+ chatroom
  • lineIDs: venomousmind or abster1203

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Time to join! Don’t be late for AW! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We hit hard and have fun while doing so.
We are an international alliance, looking for others that want to enjoy the game without drama.
Line info at the top of this thread.:smiley:

Join us today.

Great place to be.
We are why you grew your team!

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We’re growing!
Come grow with us.

About two weeks ago, four of us took a leap of faith and started this alliance. We wanted to play in an alliance without drama. An alliance were members are willing to use all AW flags and hit the titan at least 5 times. We understand real life happens and comes first; however we also understand working together and communication is key to keep an alliance moving forward.

Today we are at 10 members and growing strong. If you’re looking for an international alliance with veteran players, look no further than Witchers and Witches.

Line information is at the top of this thread.
We look forward to having you as a teammate.:smiley:

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Great design! Wonderful poster, many thanks Don’t!

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