Wish to customize heroes - for high level heroes


We’ve heard that devs were looking something for high Level player in order to improve heroes in a way and keep them in the game

It think it would be great to be able to customize heroes :

  • a little bit in their appearance
  • but most of all in their accessories, weapons etc…
    We have a lot of items but never see them on our heroes, why?
    These items could affect a little bit the stats and effects of the heroes.
    It would introduce that way a infinity of variation between same base heroes, making raid more fun than the current clones war :slight_smile:


Like Vampire Wars was. If you acquired certain articles, like different colored wings, you would gain attack/defence points, while wearing the article.
I like the idea, it adds interest.


Yes considering the last questions dev have to develop higher heroes, i think it could be an alternative to always more star heroes


Fun, but i guess not so easy to programm.


Changing the hero’s appearance would require reworking hand-drawn art, which sounds hard.

Currently the devs have given us one way to customize heroes: troops. Following D&D approach, this could be supplemented with items that heroes equip: armor, weapon, rings, amulets. These could be straight bonuses, or adjust some stats down while increasing other stats (think heavy armor that increases def by 10% while decreasing offense by 5%).

Creating these slots gives all sorts of flexibility in creating rewards for challenge events, quests, etc. Special items might also be crafted in your forge as it goes above level 20 (why cap everything at 20?).


Exactly ! Those would create a huge bound forward in term of strategy and motivation for heroes