🐺 Wisconsin Wolf Pack - Join an active, competitive bunch from the Upper Midwest


🐺Wisconsin Wolf Pack -
Experienced active players looking to grow a great Alliance! 🐺

🛡️ Join a laid back family oriented Alliance. We love answering questions, providing advice, tips and helping new members become better players. 🛡️
🐉 Our goal is Level 8+ Titans as we grow the Alliance. 🐉
🧀Great core group from the Upper Midwest the land of cheese and beer. 🍺
    🛡️ 400 Trophy Minimum.
    🛡️ Must hit the Titan.
    🛡️ LINE and War are optional.

👶New and 👴 Old comers welcome to join our pack.
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Won last two Wars by triple flip 2K+

Won last two Wars by triple flip 2K+

Currently going for first 8 star Titan. Our Alliance has grown from 10 to 15 members in the past week. We are well on our way. Come check us out and Chat for a bit, fight in a War and Hit the Titan.

Third triple flip victory.
Come have fun with our very active group. Just the right amount of chat and we enjoy helping new players learn about the game.
Come join the Wisconsin Wolf Pack

Killed two 8 star Titans in a row.
With a few more good hitters will be able to take down 9 star Titans.
Come check us out.
Wisconsin Wolf Pack

Fourth triple flip victory in a row.
All Flags used. Only 10 spots left to fill.
Come join us and have fun with the cheese and beer loving bunch.

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We are up to 25 members now. Just five spots left. We have a laid back competitive Alliance. 0 Flags left in last War. Drop in the check us out. From the land of cheese and beer.

28 Members Now. Only two spots left.

Still looking for a few more members

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