Wiping out Opponents

I read that there are bonus points for wiping out the entire Alliance in Alliance War but did not see a bonus when we did it. Is this figured in at the end or immediate? And how much is the bonus?

There is no bonus for wiping the entire alliance. Just the bonuses for defeating teams.
(or, rather, the only bonus is that all teams are revived immediately)


(which sort of is a bonus because all those yummie targets all become available to cherrypick from)

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Then what does this mean?

MMMMM Agreed always understood you got 2000 points for a full wipe out ???

First, there is a bonus for team not alliance.

Look at the team you might attack and you will see team value and team bonus for completely killing that team.

If you are the third to attack one team in opposing alliance, there likely are some points taken by previous attackers; however, the bonus is still there until the team is destroyed.

The 2000 points is total value of all teams in an alliance. Destroy each individual team, and you will show 4000 points as a score.

I completely agree that this is misleading. They just mean the “entire team” (heroes) of one player rewards bonus points. Like we’ve been seeing. No bonus for an alliance wipe out unfortunately, just the sweet alliance wide resurrection.