Winterfell TheFirstKeep, 4 spots open

Winterfell TheFirstKeep is a laid back alliance taking on 8/ 9 * titans. War is optional. 4 positions open

We understand that real life comes first, with that said, we don’t expect players to log in just to attack titans, however, titan attacks are expected to be used when online and actively playing the game.

War is optional and all attacks are to be used if opted in, again, real life comes first and unexpected things happen. Not the end of the world if you miss an attack or two, just opt out of the next war when life gets busy. Currently coordinating purple tanks with a yellow right flank, working on coordinating the left flank

A handful of players are long time members and for the most part, a quiet bunch that love to play the game. We’ve had a successful merger with another great alliance, and i am grateful to have them part of the alliance … and honored to call them teammates :slightly_smiling_face:

Leader of alliance, VanCityNative

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