Winter fun free stuffs

In all honesty, I was not expecting the traps to be in the first free offer. But I am saving those on my main for when I am ready to face Ursena. I am referring to the 5 star item that does 750 damage and dispels all buffs from enemies.

IIRC that’s precisely what the free xmas offer was, one of each token.



Probably it’s just me but I have not received any 4 * mats or EPH on the last five elemental monster chest. Most of the time, it was 3 daily summon token.
Then again, prolly just a placebo effect. Never mind. It’s just a game, don’t take it too serious.

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Earlier this year, I went 7 straight elemental chests without an epic hero token. Then I had a chest with 3 of them followed by a chest with 2. Randomness has both its ugly and beautiful sides…

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Can’t wait to get the tokens. If i ended up getting a 3-4* hero, i’ll be disappointed. :weary:

Then there is a very high chance you will be disappointed. :wink: Sorry, but those are the odds. I’m looking forward to adding another token to my stash to try and pull Buddy, although I’d obviously love to pull Santa or the Missus, too.


I noticed that on easter, halloween, etc except xmas, they never give out free epic and troops tokens. Why do we have to wait tilll the end Of year to get these.

I rather have *5 heroes than ascending materials.

As awesome and morale increasing as that gesture would be. I highly doubt that will ever happen lol. Let’s take it a step further. Pick ur element to max? U get to pick a package having enough mats to take a hero from zero to max! Lmfaoooooo

That would be nice too! I think that SG could used this free gifts offers in special events like these to gain players respect and for feeling appreciated as a costumer. One, we will no be able to ascend all the heroes, so this will not hurt further sales. Two, everyone would be happy :slight_smile: its nice to dream lol


My war chest and elementals have been trash soo i doubt the free stuff will be any better

Here is what I got… lol


I would take a free McDonalds fries anyday of the week and be happy.

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You can finally ascend your hamburger


the idea was, I used the seagull to eat left overs of the war, chips to feed the seagull, lube… you get the point… and a banana peel just a useless item…

One was playing last nite from 11:45p.m. couldn’t sleep. I remembered that today is th 15th!!! A freebie day so after midnight I went to my calendar. The game wouldn’t let me claim my freebies. Told me to try later. When I did I got “claimed” how do I get my freebies?¿ This was wrong

You mean Hamburglar!


This conversation would be more appropriate to the elemental chests thread, but I would say what you’re experiencing is NOT unusual. It isn’t just you; it’s that your mind does not intuitively grasp randomness and the streaks it creates (none of ours really do - we’re all programmed to specifically be BAD at this task).

FWIW, I quickly crunched some of my tracking, and it suggests the following rates:

4* AM: ~13.6%
3* AM (non-farmable): ~54.5%
Crap (by which I mean a farmable 3* AM): ~31.8%

Summon token: ~77%
Hero token: ~15.9%
Troop token: ~12.9%

That’s per roll by the way, NOT per chest. Given those percentages, it is hardly surprising to have a short stretch (and 5 is certainly short in this context) without a 4* AM or EHT.


I’ve been wondering about these percentages. Thanks for sharing your results! Couldn’t agree more with your description of 3-star farmables from elemental chests. Nothing more disappointing than finishing an elemental chest just to pull a chainmail and scabbard. :angry:


The seagull reminds me of this character from long ago… I think it’s the arms.

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I actually thought that’s what it was for a sec.


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