Winter fun free stuffs

Can we just get at least a epic hero token, epic troops token, Atlantis coins, and challenge coins on the free stuff on the calander. This should give us a xmas present.

Giving only free titan energy flask, raid energy flask, world energy flask, and rare battle materials is lame.

They do give a troop token and epic hero token on Christmas


Just chill and wait :stuck_out_tongue:

If you check the past years deals you’ll see that the free stuff ramps up to the best stuff on Christmas and the very end.

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Considering the drastic drops of AM in loots for the last few months. Can’t expect too much on this year’s Xmas.
I do wish SG and Zynga proved me wrong and send a not so lame gift.


This year SG will give every one a huge bonus for player appreciation! every 4* AM ascension items in the last free gift of the month :smiley:


A cruel joke, sir…

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??? I’m still getting good stuff regularly. They must have black listed your account …:rage:


Not sure what you mean here. I’ve seen no decrease in AM drops. If anything, I’ve done better, especially this month.

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In all honesty, I was not expecting the traps to be in the first free offer. But I am saving those on my main for when I am ready to face Ursena. I am referring to the 5 star item that does 750 damage and dispels all buffs from enemies.

IIRC that’s precisely what the free xmas offer was, one of each token.



Probably it’s just me but I have not received any 4 * mats or EPH on the last five elemental monster chest. Most of the time, it was 3 daily summon token.
Then again, prolly just a placebo effect. Never mind. It’s just a game, don’t take it too serious.

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Earlier this year, I went 7 straight elemental chests without an epic hero token. Then I had a chest with 3 of them followed by a chest with 2. Randomness has both its ugly and beautiful sides…

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Can’t wait to get the tokens. If i ended up getting a 3-4* hero, i’ll be disappointed. :weary:

Then there is a very high chance you will be disappointed. :wink: Sorry, but those are the odds. I’m looking forward to adding another token to my stash to try and pull Buddy, although I’d obviously love to pull Santa or the Missus, too.


I noticed that on easter, halloween, etc except xmas, they never give out free epic and troops tokens. Why do we have to wait tilll the end Of year to get these.

I rather have *5 heroes than ascending materials.

As awesome and morale increasing as that gesture would be. I highly doubt that will ever happen lol. Let’s take it a step further. Pick ur element to max? U get to pick a package having enough mats to take a hero from zero to max! Lmfaoooooo

That would be nice too! I think that SG could used this free gifts offers in special events like these to gain players respect and for feeling appreciated as a costumer. One, we will no be able to ascend all the heroes, so this will not hurt further sales. Two, everyone would be happy :slight_smile: its nice to dream lol


My war chest and elementals have been trash soo i doubt the free stuff will be any better

Here is what I got… lol


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