Winter Family Bug - Minion Math

Maxxed, unemblemed Buddy - Buddy’s Special creates minions with 132 HP for himself and nearby allies.
Maxxed, unemblemed Buddy and maxxed, unemblemed Santa - Buddy’s Special creates Minions with 198 HP for Buddy’s Minion but only 132 HP for the nearby allies - expected behavior since Buddy gets the family buff and the nearby heroes not being Winter Family members do not. Buddy’s base minion with Santa on the team is way off though. He’s getting a +50% boost, not a +05% boost.
Testing further, with Santa/Buddy/MN on the team, I should get a +10% boost, so Buddy’s Minions should yield 145 HP. Instead, I’m seeing 264 HP. Enjoying the +100%, but it’s too much. :slight_smile:

I didn’t run full testing with all the Winter Heroes, but it appears to be across the entire Family. MN firing in the Santa/Buddy/MN scenario, and then Frosth on top produces a Minion with 487 HP! Also not sure if any other Families are affected, but testing their multi-family buffs are a little harder to calculate/validate.

Wish this was tied to something external so I could grab a bug bounty. :slight_smile:

Boost only applies to minions given to Christmas heroes not minions summoned by them. So Freya will give a boosted minion to buddy and Santa.

Since they summon a 10% minion, getting a 5% family bonus is effectively a 50% boost.

Not a bug.

There might be some rounding within the numbers but everything I’ve seen and tested is in line.

Frosth’s buff does not work the exact same way. It’s multiplicative not additive.

I get that non-Winter heroes don’t get the boost, even mentioned that in my original post.
Can you help me with the math on how 5% becomes 50%?

Buddy summons a 10% minion
If you have buddy and Santa you get 5% bonus.

Let’s say buddy summons a minion with 100 go normally. With extra 5% it would be 150.

5/10 and 150/100-1 = 50% effective bonus.

Comparatively Freya gives a 20% minion, so that’s a 25% minion for them. That’s only a 25% effective buff.

5% added to 100 is 105 by every calculation I’ve ever made. You buy dinner for $100, sales tax is 5% so your bill is $105, not $150.

When 10% means 100, then 10% + 5% =15% means 150 :slight_smile:

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A buddy with 1000 hp will normally summon a minion with 100 hp because he summons a 10% minion.

With family bonus he gets a 15% minion rather than 10%.
10+5 =15

I think the math goes this way

Your Buddy creates a minion with 132HP. If he is alone, the minion gets 10% HP. Which means your Buddy has 1320HP

If your Buddy has a family member in your team, the minion gets 5% more of Buddy’s HP, which is 15% HP. Doing the math, 15% of Buddy’s health 1320HP is 198HP

For the minion it represents 198-132 / 132 = 0.5 = 50% more HP. Enjoy the boost in health!

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