Winter Calendar prophecy [FAILED, probably the first EP cosplay in the bottom post ;(]

I’m sad about the Challenge Event :snowman_with_snow: so it’s time to write a stupid post on the forums to make up for it.

I want to make a bold prediction involving the Winter Calendar free stuff.

  • On day 3 we got nothing.
  • Day 10 brought a Silver Token.

The general hierarchy in this game so far seems to be:
Nothing -> Silver Token -> Troop Token -> Golden Token -> Ascension Items/Portraits.

So knowing that I hereby foresee that:

  • On day 17 we shall receive a TROOP TOKEN.
  • Day 24 will mark the arrival of the GOLDEN TOKEN.
  • And day 31 will the glorious day when we’ll be gifted not just a WARM CAPE and a TELESCOPE (cause it’s winter, yada yada feh bleh) but instead we shall receive 1 OF EACH ASCENSION ITEM for the good start of the new year for all the starving heroes!

And don’t you say it’s not gonna happen. I’m the prophet here, I called dibs on the job!

Also, if I’m right I want a photo of a baby panda.


And a panda photo will sure be.

But if you make a mistake, we want a photo of you cosplaying Boril :face_with_monocle:



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I like where your head’s at.

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I agree with Alpis lol

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Winter calendar prophecy really? Why am I reading this…

I don’t know, but I think you might want to get a cup of hot chocolate and ponder the meaning of life. Perhaps you will find an answer to this and many more questions. Good luck! :innocent:

Ellilea looks like you are trying hardest to make one solid topic. And hope you come up with one in future. but this is garbage. Sorry. This is a official website. Chit chat can be done in your alliance. Sound so lonely you do.

I’m very sorry my tea-time posting pains you so, I had no idea it was that horrid a thing :scream_cat:

This is not an official website though, it’s forums for players to chat with one another about issues both serious and trivial. Including making useless threads, asking advice, posting shower thoughts and memes, ranting, venting, and complaining about whatever. That’s how forums were and will always be.

I am not lonely, I just happen to enjoy writing both serious and non-serious posts during breaks from work. Thank you for your concern though and have a lovely day out there :innocent:


It’s is obvious that in your prophecy carrier you get tons of break, from dawn till dusk. Which is why you got so much of time to come here and think what to post. Would have waited till the end of the winter calendar love

I can’t help but wonder what makes you so annoyed and bitter here, but you know what, love? While I do have time to write an occasional post for no reason other than I feel like it (if you look at my post history you can see many of them are serious feedback or answering people’s questions), I do not have it for silly arguments like this that are not a pleasant way of spending my five minutes.

Go read something serious and soothe your aching soul.

Here, someone’s asking a question: Titan Stun Assist them and enjoy yourself instead of wasting your time here, because I’m out now :slight_smile: Cheers.

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For the record, per Forum Rules, the topic must be about E&P. If it doesn’t fit in other sections, it should go in General Discussions.

I admit it is a comical topic, but still “legal”.

By the way, attacking fellow players is not okay. I trust you will both play fair with each other, so no one is silenced. Thanks! :wink:


Fear not Rook, I might like to occasionally shitpost, but forum brawls bore me :wink: No blood shall be shed today.

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Sounds much more lonely flame with somebody with no real reason.

Oh, look, there’s a duck :roll_eyes:

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Looks like the free gift on day 31 will be an elilea cosplay of boril.

I for one am more psyched about this than the likely 5 free common herbs we’ll get in game :rofl:

Very very beautiful compliment

Same pose please :face_with_monocle:

Some times this game gives me the ••••• :sunglasses:

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We were suppose to have troop token on 17th. Hmm… anyway. You have a good day Ellilea.

Not a good cosplayer, sir, and people tell me sometimes I got dead eyes, but at least the shield is polished and shiny, so there’s that :snowman_with_snow:

In all seriousness though, while I obviously didn’t expect all ascension items to be gifted on the last day, I certainly did not expect the one-a-week once-a-year prizes to be just Silver Tokens lol.


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