Winter bonus issue

It seems what the extra 5% HP in the winter family does is it increases the HP of the minions that the winter member has, I would think that when, for example, Frosty gets the +5% it gives extra HP to the minions it summons even to the other heroes, but what happens is every minion frosty gets has +5% HP even if summoned by another hero, if that’s the intended effect at least word it as: “+5% for minions it owns” mentioning “own” to be specific.

Only the Christmas family heroes get the bonus. Up to +10% health and attack. It also works on all minions they receive. If you have a non Christmas family summoner on the same team, the Christmas family get the bonus on those minions and the non Christmas family heroes get the non buffed minions.


Bonus says inherited not summoned. I’d rather it be summoned tho. Not a bug.


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