Wintendo Slaystation Needs Help

Hey everyone. I left an alliance tecently to start my own. Our leader had made me co-leader, but did not want to adjust how the alliance was run, despite us constantly losing 5 star titans.

My new alliance, Wintendo Slaystation, is nowin need of members. I’ve tried recruiting in the chatrooms, with no luck. All I’ve got are 5 friends who followed me from the last alliance.

What can I do to get more folks?

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Good luck I don’t have any advice but I recently left my alliance for the same reason. I was co leader and we couldn’t defeat 6* titans. The alliance I joined is on the top 100 and that’s not why I joined. I joined because I saw the recruitment in the alliance recruitment category. They definitely are more chatty then my last alliance but kinda “cliquey” I think. I’ve learned to not try and include myself in the chat. I don’t like the idea of jumping from alliance to alliance and definitely don’t like mercing. If I hadn’t joined that alliance I would definitely try and join yours. I love your name.

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Awww, thanks BigMama. I like your name too, even if it isnt a reference to MGS4.

The alliance chatroom is tough. Seems like folks already know each other there, and you gotta compete with tons of other folks spamming their own alliance recruitment copy-paste.

I just joined the community forum today. I’m hoping it’ll be easier to find folks in here. Have you been a member for a while?

I’ve been a member for 4 days, gotta give it some more time to be fair. I had to ask someone about MGS4 ( Metal Gear Solid 4 ) and your right it isn’t a reference.


I’m in an alliance fighting and beating 8* titans. We haven’t beat a 9* yet but it’s coming soon. Recruiting is one of the toughest parts of the game to start an alliance and work your way up from a 1* titan also takes time with poor loot payoff for awhile. How strong are you and your 5 friends that left. We have room for a few right now and maybe more soon if they want to fight 8*
If you have the line app please get a hold of me on there. Line ID pitguy

Going from fighting 5/6* titans is a big jump! I was definitely getting bored with the game. I finished the season in Sep and have been levelling a lot but wasn’t having much fun. Now fighting 8/9* titans is a challenge and I’m having fun again. Some of my heroes were killed dfuring battle and that had never happened to me, it shocked me and spurred me to work on using a mix of heroes. Some I had ignored. Honestly, I felt bad about leaving my previous alliance but it was a good move for me.

Hi Wintendo, I completely know how you feel. We had a similar problem, but our leader went AWL and left no coleaders. We have created our own Alliance 2 weeks ago and have finally built up to fighting 5 star titans. We are 13 strong and looking for more members that want attack the Titan. We would welcome you and your members if you have no luck building you current alliance. We are a friendly alliance, but ask our members to participate in the Titan attacks. If you joined us we would welcome your input.

Come join Chaos Brigade for great adventure.

Good luck

hi bud -… same here … I saw you on the AR chat … keep it up and you will get full. I was in your same situation 12 days ago … I even offer Andreamarie a merge too … they are good people . and if is hard to get newcomers i suggest to consider her offer. If not keep working the AR … I even can give you a hand there . Best of luck .

Please remember you can also post one Alliance Recruitment thread here, under that section.

As for AR chat, gently spamming your alliance is pretty much how that chat works, since there is so much talking in it. Get to know the players there and watch them to see how it’s done. I recall seeing a few of them post lists of new alliances, too. Find out how you can get on that list! Dark Magician is usually very helpful to new players. Ask for help. :slight_smile:


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