Winning with mono teams. Vid included

I’m often asked how I beat tough teams with mono style. Here’s my first vid of a war battle (plus a couple extra with part of the song I was working on for fun :slightly_smiling_face:). Also a good example of why I love Gullinbursti so much!


What is the mono strategy you are showcasing here?

Why did you hold the specials of the pigs instead of firing them straight away?

Why the positioning of troops in that way - don’t you want the highest attack troop on Joon?

I do think that Alfrike tanks are a good target for a mono team as you have plenty of opportunity to take her out before she fires (although you didn’t get an optimal board you could have left the 3 yellow tiles on the left of the tank untouched for a few more turns and worked on the middle in the hopes of getting one more tile onto Alfrike)


Equalizer is tricky. I waited for it to clear the board a few times because the pigs attack is important. Level 11 mana troop on the left pig so one fires a little sooner was the only important troop variable. Yes it was a crappy starting board! Several of my moves don’t make sense at first glance but set it up for more damage. Also I didn’t want too long of a video so that’s a tight speed run despite being more risky.

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Oh, the basic strategy is picking on the tank. :smile:

As soon as the equaliser goes off the pigs attack…

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Thought I saw them go off anyway once… didn’t know if they were affected yet. That can be better than having to wait longer. :laughing:

Yep one of the positive side effects of cleanse war

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Yeah, changes the game a bit. Now I have to study what effects happen sooner instead of being cleansed with other heroes and both use it to my advantage while watching out for it. :grin: