Winning Event without Tile Damage


Has anyone tried winning high positions in challenge event without using tile damage? And how has it worked out for you?

I’m thinking of these line-ups as an example:

1/ Guardian Kong - Guardian Falcon - Boldtusk - Wilbur - Whatever. Charge up Boldtusk, Falcon, Wilbur, then let Guardian Kong hit all killing all the monster.

2/ Then using bombs and dragon attack to finish bosses. The other 2 spots are for big mana potions of course.

Or Guardian Panther, Tiburtus, Hel, etc

Since now every color got one hero with elemental defense debuff, we can try them all I guess…


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The match bonus is a score you get based on how good your combos are, pretty sure it’s fairly important.


Thanks. I got no idea about that bonus. lol

I can’t afford to try this probably until the next 2-3 events but I will. If you can finish each stage in 30-40 seconds, wouldn’t that be enough to offset that bonus?

I mean farming good boards for mono team may take hours. If this works out, it’s time efficient too.

no. it won’t offset it enough to allow you to compete.

It DOES sound like an idea to try for fun and post on the forum :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I’ll pay more attention to that bonus in the future. Maybe Tornados would help.

I’ve just tried one (Purple team and without elemental debuff). There’s a health bonus that kinda makes up for it. This sample is too small tho. Unfortunately I’m so broke on battle items now. lol

No, the time bonus wont offset it enough to get higher score. I’ve a run that finished faster than the previous one, but it dindnt score higher. Health is not a factor if you are competing. You want it to be at max or close to max when you finish the stage.

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Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

20 character

Are you suggesting making no matches at all? Or just few matches? If you make couple of matches then your way can work, as the match Bonus is about average combo.

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The fewer matches you make does help your score but you want a couple good cascades for the match bonus, time bonus is important and the health of your heroes at the end as well. A common strategy for epic category is to kill the mobs with arrows axes and bombs, mana up for the bosses and unleash a huge combo. Takes a really good starting board to accomplish that though because you can quickly run out of steam at the boss stage before they die. You need a good starting board and you need the fresh tiles to also be good. It takes luck, that’s why it costs a lot of world energy to play the same levels over and over. Lots of items too.


I don’t know if we can do it without matches at all. Maybe you need a few still to complete it.

Yup, but then it’s still down to farming a good board.

I understand. Just a thought.

Ok so some matches. In that case if your way can consistently achieve 30-40 sec clear time it should work. You just need to get a one or two combos in before rushing the stage with your specials.

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