Winning avatar/pin/backgrounds for achievements

Maybe make this a master thread? Unless one that already exists is better. But avatar/pin/background ideas:
Note: I’ll add ideas to this list as they are suggested to make it easy to see them all:

  • Trophy pin for achieving 1st place in world
  • Avatar or pin for achieving 100k+ in single titan damage
  • colored background for killing a lot of specific color enemy/avatar after killing lots of specific enemy or hero
  • pin that shows your online status (turns green and red)
  • new loot item: Avatar/pin voucher for the shop
  • more?

A pin wich changes his color:

Online = green
Disconnected = red


voting for that ! :slight_smile:

So I would like new avatars but dont want buy them. So what if top player in AW for the winning team gets 50% chance to receive a voucher token for avatars? Token would be good for one daily item or for two you can get the featured item.

This would encourage more participation and more competition in the wars. This would also bring new numbers to matchmaking as more players got involved.

What you all think?

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I’m not fussed either way about avatar tokens, but I’m dead set against any incentive to make wars have a personal agenda.

Personal glory is for events and trophy ranks, war is about the team. I don’t want anyone in the alliance basing their attack strategy on maximising their score at the cost of other players, even for a decorative bauble.

But avatar tokens in chests or any other loot, that’s absolutely fine by me :+1:


Yeah doesnt have be part of AW. One of many possible ideas. Open to other options as well. Be nice to get a random loot box and have a new skin in it. :slight_smile:
However, I dont want it as part of the prize rank system for events. There already some avatar or something for the top dogs. I wanted to address a way that everyone had the ability to obtain.


I’d like more avatars and pins available for completing missions. Defeat 1000 fire monsters, get a fire element pin. Beat the Dark Lord 250 times, get him as an avatar. Heck, beat a particular hero 500 times in raids and get their avatar.


Updated the list. Keep them coming!

I like that idea, would be nice to know when fellow alliance members are on and would prevent getting the message in Raids about not being able to attack because the opponent is online.

We came up with this in alliance chat this morning, although with a little more comical bend. Found this thread through search so bumpity-bump awakens dead thread

What sparked our convo was the :poop: pin in the shop, and we decided everyone should get one for free after killing 100 Tellys lol

A few more:

:sweat_drops: for 100 Velas
:fire: for 100 Gravemakers
:mushroom: for 100 Cheshire Cats
:garlic: for 100 Victors

and so on

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 9.58.20 AM

and how about a :ghost: for reviving 100 threads more than a year old?

:smiling_imp: bwahahaha



That would be awesome

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I’d like to see an additional avatar for winning x amount of raids in Diamond. I’m sure it’s been a long time since many of us earned the Quintus avatar.

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