Wings of Fire looking for a dedicated co-leader and many others for a new alliance

Both my wife and I play daily, and we got tired of the drama in the alliance we were in, so I decided to try my own. We both have strong teams. I’m level 26, 3440 w/ 1950 trophies and she is level 30, 3207 w/ 1815 trophies. We will accept all active players. Let me know if you’re interested in joining.

I’d really recommend looking on AR chat and looming at a few different alliances before starting your own. Even if you’ve already spent the gems. Unless you’re interested in starting a low level alliance with no minimum requirement (which means you’ll probably be fighting 4* titans tops) you’ll have a very hard time finding enough members to fill. My alliance started with 18 and we’ve been recruiting for 2 weeks and we’re still not full, and we had the advantage if being able to reach 5* titans in our own since no one no one joined until we were fighting 5*s. There are a number if alliances that would have room for both of you and are well run and friendly including my alliance misfit Valhalla.
I wish you both luck with whatever you decide to do.


Thanks for the advice @RagingZebra

We are going to try riding the new alliance for a while and see how it goes.

Hey, Master. Threadjacking you a bit (it will get you back to the top), but I just realized I don’t know how an alliance os started.

Is there a doc or wiki?

I am happy where I am, but we all grow. So, just asking.

Thx and good luck with Wings