Windmills, Monsters and Heroes

I don’t know if these three have been addressed. I didn’t see them .

  1. Windmills: the propellers are appearing on other buildings. I understand it’s cosmetics but may be a bigger issue than appearance.
  2. Monsters: as I attack the monsters in the provences and in the daily quests, I keep getting hero missed and the monsters can only be killed by the equipment or by the special abilities of the heroes.
  3. Heroes: I have been training heroes and getting them either from the Summon gates or from provences. However, for every 2 I earn 1 is making to the Hero Roster.
    All three of these issues started happening when the propellers started popping up on other buildings or not appearing at all. I know this post could be divided into 3 separate issues but, they all started at the same time. My wife and I both have accounts and it has started on hers as of yesterday and mine two days ago.
  1. Known issue
  2. This is because youre missing a hero of that color. You get 1 damage/tile for missing colors
  3. You probably confused heros with troops. Check your yroops for your missing heros

Actually, it is the heroes that are coming up missing. Okay, Thank you for responding.