Wind and hero upgrades

Why the windmills turn clockwise but the wind is blowing from left to right (castle flags)
Eye to detail… :rofl:

About hero upgrades when you feeding your hero up it doesn’t stop you from putting 10 heros when you only need 1 to ascend. So you just waste 9 heros and food to max your hero… (only sometimes works)

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This only works as long as your special skill is not maxed in order to improve the probability of increasing your special. It is up to you to take care.
Anyway, happened to me several times in the past.


I think it works the way it should be. If the wind is from left to right, then the windmill from the farms should rotate clockwise with the wind above being caught by the rotors or paddles of the windmill since the winds from above have less resistance compared to winds below (due to trees, buildings and other obstructions).

As mentioned by @Sh3r1ff, this is so in order for you to have an opportunity to level the hero’s skills before ascending, although it is not food and feeder efficient. Efficiency then comes with game management. If you don’t have an eye to details, then you will be prone to be on the losing end.

I thought windmills only turn in one direction, no matter where the wind blows from. Nevertheless, I might be wrong about it.

No dropping knowledge here. I thought it was funny. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Maybe those windmills are in reality solar panels and produce the electricity to pump water up to your stronghold.
All mills are orientated to the right side, where the sun comes from (looking at the shadows buildings are throwing)

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