Win the war but we got only 4 point on the war score

Hy everyone. We win this war but we have got only 4 points on the war score. I really don’t understand why…thanks for any answers

Are you sure you didn’t use 1 point to finish your previous war chest, then the remaining 4 were allocated to the next chest?


It’s not about chest, it’s about score wat

well, SG rolled back 4+ hours, that is roughly 1/5 of a day, so 1/5 of your war score was rolled back :wink:
just kidding… what Dan guy has said.

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Do you have a screen shot so that we know what you’re talking about? Because the war score only going up 4 points seems kind of small. But then it depends on your alliance size.

Did anyone in your war opt out for the next one?
Or have you been winning a bit lately? Perhaps you are at cap

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Probably your alleance already reached the war points cap.

The 4 points are related to heroes leveled by someone.


It’s because you guys are at war cap. I remember meeting you guys in war when we were at +19 penalty, so pretty sure you guys were also near cap. Great job btw, winning at war cap. :slight_smile:

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How we can upgrade the war score? Thank you

I think that I understand now. For the moment this it’s the our maxim score war and we can grow up the heroes and trups for have a change to make bigger the maxim score. Uh we have the war together? Where are you playing?


Yes, you are correct. Winning wars won’t add any more penalty points to your war score, but if you lose it will again go down again. I am the leader of The Incognitos, it was a very close war. But in the end we won by 93 points. :slight_smile:

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Now the only way to further improve your war score is to improve your rosters.

Roughly the base war score is based on the Power of the best 30 heroes of every member and its first 5 troops.

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Oh yes I remember, was a beautiful war, hope we can have another together and get our revenge :smile: Thanks for the advices.


Thank you. Now I understand :smile:

What, what? There’s a cap on the war score? Never knew this existed. Lol

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Me neither, they must be fearsome in a fight!

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We have another problem. Yesterday after the war that we win we have 134884 score war. Today, now, we have 130138 score war. WY?


I don’t understand why we have lost the points

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