Win some heroes "Boss"

I would like to share another suggestion: why not create a kind of event, with a boss to defeat at the end, and if it is defeated, we won it as hero in our inventory.
Or then won a hero in the form of a piece to accumulate and assemble?
Like that:Screenshot_20191221_132901

You already can win heroes on challenge events. You ‘just’ have to rank 1st. :wink:

To win a season boss under some conditions could be a 2nd option. Maybe

  • 1st finisher
  • kill faster than …
  • finish before …

could be conditions to gain the boss hero.


Yes obviously, but here I am talking about a hero who would be “accessible” to everyone, and without necessarily having to rank well to get it.^^
And ultimately, accumulate puzzles up to a certain number to be able to “invoke the card” of the hero for not easily get it the first time.:+1:


Why SG would give a hero for free to everyone? :rofl: In case you didn’t figure out till now, they designed this game to produce money. Given heroes to everyone, especially “without necessarily having to rank well to get it”, is fantasy domain. I understand you though, I also like to dream and have fantasies…


It’s not necessarily giving a hero for free, but as I mentioned above, there would be a quest style or other, which would allow us to defeat a boss and win pieces of puzzles to assemble to get the hero in question.^^

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