Win Raids on PoV II

Then why are you even posting?

This issue doesn’t affect gameplay nor does it affect your gameplay. You’re just here complaining about a complainer.

Good Luck with POV! Hoping you figure out how to get the ascension mats…at least


The more difficult thing is making it to the end having to face Telluria with +20 emblems every fight. My winning percentage in raids went from 90%+ to probably 50% now that I’m forced to fight Telluria every time.

And learning how to beat new challenges leads you along the Path of Valor


Ok, but if you’re already competing in diamond, isn’t it still duplication and still feel like a duck hunt exercise?

Adding a gate only stops people from completing it. If you’re competing in diamond, and like this change, then that’s being selfish. Is it not?

Changing it to Win ___ raids changes nothing. If you’re competing in diamond, you still have to win ___ raids. If you’re competing in platinum, you still have to win ___ raids. Etc etc.

If you want a challenge, adding this type of gate is NOT a challenge. A challenge would be Win ___ in a row. That’s a challenge.

I feel your pain. I would (and have) re-roll when I see that :slight_smile:

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I asked you a simple yes or no question, and I get

you desire to complete all challenges is irrelevant to PoV. if you completed all the other challenges, you wouldnt even get credit for it, since you will have reached lvl 50 already. this thread should be merged with the ongoing ridiculous complaints thread.

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Tbh, i dont get why it should Matter in which lvl u do ur Raids, the PoV thing should reward active Players, not Players Who just play longer and get the Stuff. I Play now 28 Days, for me is the Gold Raid even a Challenge, so i can understand it.

For me as an new Player i have no Clue which Alliances are good, my Alliance can kill 4* Titans and sometimes 5*.

For People Which just play 2 Years, Nothing is a Challenge, u need ur own goals to keep being motivated. And not expand the Gap between Older Players and new Ones.

Tl:Dr PoV should reward Actitivty, not any Gates which are mostly done by playing longer then other.

I wouldn’t mind if they took away the requirement for what tier of the arena the raids are won in. I think the count should be a lot higher though. As an active raider I will complete it in two days from now and I think I’ve only used one potion.

I did answer your question. And that answer was yes. There’s 9 different ways to gain points in PoV. If I complete 1 way, I might not have to worry about another way.

For you to discount this “complaint” not only shows that you’re selfish but you have the elitist mentality. Removing the gate on raid tier DOES NOT affect YOUR game play.

That’s my complaint. Remove the raid tier requirement. Add extra wins, I don’t care. Heck, change it to 1000 wins. At least I would have the opportunity to try.

Do not try to argue to make a quest easier just for your benefit. Get good.

This version of Win Raids will be something of a challenge for my 1-year old F2P account that currently has five maxed 5-stars. But I seriously doubt it because there is so much time to complete the quest chain. He’s already 17/20 on Tier 3 and if I took this more seriously and didn’t let raid flags go to waste I’d probably be starting on Tier 5 by now. I’m going to have 40+ days to work on bagging 60 diamond tier wins. I’ll be going mono on every hit if that’s what it takes. Of course I may not even try to do it at all if I get to Milestone 50 without completing the Win Raids chain.




Exactly. If I don’t participate in raids, I shouldn’t expect points. If I’m an active player, I shouldn’t be gated by a tier.

The current PoV has a challenge for XP. As an active player, I should expect that I can gain rewards based off of my XP gain. Not based off of XP gain using only 5* heroes (as an example)

You see, I can tell you didn’t read this thread. At all.

You have the elitist mentality and are selfish. Apparently this game is all about you? What about everyone else.

Just so you know, I looked at the same “stat” as you. I have a win streak of 96

I finished the XP today, no Deal at all, but again i cant just build a gold/plat/dia Tier for raids in x Days, so ye i would love if they “fix” this tier thing.

Btw any fast way to get Ressources? Im on SH 14 to 15 and i try to level my “A Team” but the Lack of Ressources especially food is insane…i use refills for World Energy to keep up both builders busy and my heroes.

I did read that i should not “waste” my Gems for refills, just for summons, but then it would take Ages to participate in many Areas of the Game…as i said, this Game isnt well balanced and thing like a Tier for PoV just Profit old Players and new Players might skip the Game due lack of Balancing and Gameplay

1 year old f2p u didnt get the Point! Of course u can Manage many things if u just play long enough, but the Gap for elder and new Player rises, do u want it like that?

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Check this tread out Bert


Not to sidetrack this post, but Bert check out this YouTube channel. It will help you immensely :blush:

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Ye thx,i grinded some YouTube and him, he Covers basics but i search for more Details,when to do A, when to do B and so on, especially the food Issue.

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