Win epic warrior on world map


I wish that you could win coins for epic warriors on the world map battles.

I had 2 epic coins that I used,
Whit one I gott the grim, but he’s only a third as strong as it says he shuld be.

For example life-force is only about 600 on mine and the one in the generator is 1500


You need to level yours up. At maximum, he will show that much higher level. :slight_smile:

Grimm is a good Hero; I love mine. Here he is at last ascension, lvl 54:


Tank for info,
But I which they could give us more badass fighters

Rook skrev: (26 december 2017 22:12:59 CET)


Grimm is pretty badass for a 4* hero, once you get him fully ascended and leveled. I use him daily on 3716-point, 2500-trophy team and expect that I’ll use him often even after I replace him with Magni in my main team. There are many, many weaker heroes that the summons could have pulled.

The real badass heroes are 5*. You have a chance to summon one in the same way you got Grimm. Odds are something like 2-3%,though, and then you’ll need a lot of rare items to ascend them.

Enjoy Grimm!