Willbur Skill

I played him yesterday, combined with Evelyn in some season 2 stages.

And eve is deleting the spirit link part of Wilburs skill… So it seems like the game registers it as a positiv buff for the enemies I guess :thinking:

Was it supposed to be like this?

Yes. Spirit link has always been a buff. It’s just the defese reduction from Wilbur that’s a debuff. So you don’t want to follow Wilbur with a buff remover, or you’ll strip the Spirit Link.

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Game terms, it is a buff.

Individual terms, it is a:

  • buff if you are a using single hitter to attack after the skill
  • debuff if you are using an AOE special like Quintus/Isarnia/Azlar (well doesnt matter anyway)
  • triple hitters like Drake deals more damage as compared standard snipers when spirit link is active
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i’m not seeing how it’s a debuff for AoE, since it just damage levels over everyone. It effectively decreases the variance on hits, since crits get averaged over everyone now. What am I missing?

I definitely do get that, if your goal is to do the most damage possible to an individual target in a single attack under spirit link, then AOE > Multi-hit > Single Hit. Is that what you’re saying?

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Yes. I’m saying Wilbur’s skill as a whole and not just a spirit link.

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