Will Tritons special (+ x % healing for all) benefit from field aid during wars?


Will Tritons special (+ x % healing for all) benefit from field aid during wars and increase received heailing for all?

i don’t know a way how to figure this out myself.

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In theory it should. I don’t have mine leveled enough to try, but hopefully someone can come on here and confirm.

You would have to face an opponent having Triton on his defense team in a war having the healing aid. This has not happened to me yet.

Hello everyone im wondering if to flank a maxed out Triton with 2nd level talent I’m this coming war ?
Does his increase healing special also buff field aid ?

Well, healing-decreasing debuffs like those from Sargasso and Gafar reduce the healing gained from Field Aid, so I would guess that healing-increasing buffs from Triton would work the same way.

Yes, he is annoying if it’s down to him and a healer left in the field aid war. Tough to drop at that point!

It’s done that will be the lineup for war !!
Triton shielded by righard cause

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Why put Sartana on the flank ?

Put her next to Danzaburo

Yea my bad but I wanted Natalya to have time to use her special as is ■■■■■■■■ of damage but over 4 turns so she fires first at least that was the theory

Why ?? Explain please in my theory sartana hits hard but is relatively easy to kill same as Triton so I have her shielded at the flank but will she get to fire special in time I’ve changed it out Natalya on the flank and sartana next to danza !!

Your Sartana should have more defense and HP then Natalya…

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